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Malia Obama (Or Someone Who Looks A Lot Like Her) <3's Joey Bada$$

If it is her, it looks like she has great taste in music.

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Malia Obama, the First Daughter, is also a certified cool teen.

Between attending Chance the Rapper's set at Lollapalooza and her summer job working for Steven Spielberg, she's been cooler than most civilians for a while now.

And then today we got this photo of Malia (or someone who looks a lot like her) wearing a T-shirt by Pro Era, the Brooklyn-based rap crew of fellow cool teen Joey Bada$$.

If it's real, her favorite song is probably "Waves."

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the photo and it is unclear whether it is actually the first daughter.

A representative for Joey Bada$$ told BuzzFeed News that "The photo came from a mutual friend, and is a real photo."

As for Malia (if it is her), she's probably blasting "No. 99" and counting down the days until she can actually join Instagram without causing a national incident.

Joe Klamar / AFP / Getty Images
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