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    Malia Obama (Or Someone Who Looks A Lot Like Her) <3's Joey Bada$$

    If it is her, it looks like she has great taste in music.

    Malia Obama, the First Daughter, is also a certified cool teen.

    Between attending Chance the Rapper's set at Lollapalooza and her summer job working for Steven Spielberg, she's been cooler than most civilians for a while now.

    And then today we got this photo of Malia (or someone who looks a lot like her) wearing a T-shirt by Pro Era, the Brooklyn-based rap crew of fellow cool teen Joey Bada$$.

    The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the photo and it is unclear whether it is actually the first daughter.

    A representative for Joey Bada$$ told BuzzFeed News that "The photo came from a mutual friend, and is a real photo."

    As for Malia (if it is her), she's probably blasting "No. 99" and counting down the days until she can actually join Instagram without causing a national incident.