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Jenny Slate

27 Movies And Performances We Wish Had Been Nominated For Oscars

Now that we know the contenders for this year's Academy Awards, here are the overlooked films, actors, writers, directors, and composers, who deserved more attention.


Marcel The Shell: The Book

Marcel, the little guy with an exoskeleton who charmed the internet with his debut video Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, has made the leap from viral video star to children's book author. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me is due out Nov 1 and looks like it will be a thimbleful of adorableness.


Play Her Off, Lornecat!

Whoops! SNL newbie Jenny Slate dropped the f-bomb during her debut, prompting a late night flurry of speculation. Whether they kick her off or not (let's really hope they don't), the Internet has already given her the ultimate gift. Play her off (and into memedom), Lornecat!


Hire This Surrogate Mother (Christine Nangle)

As proud as I am of dear friend Jenny Slate (yeah, I said it!), whose talent will soon be unleashed upon the masses on SNL, it should be noted that new hire Christine Nangle - seen below - will be pumping estrogen into the show's Writers Room. GIRL POWER!

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