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8 Former "SNL" Cast Members Who Loved Their Time On The Show And 10 Who Did NOT

"SNL is a traumatic experience. ... It’s kind of something you have to survive."

1. Loved it: Kate McKinnon"Looking back on my decade at SNL, it was the greatest thing ever."

2. Hated it: Janeane Garofalo — “The most miserable experience of my life.”

3. Loved it: Pete Davidson"SNL is my home."

4. Hated it: Sasheer Zamata — "It was not what I thought it was going to be."

5. Loved it: Molly Shannon"This is the greatest job in show business!"

6. Hated it: Jenny Slate — "I just didn't belong there."

7. Loved it: Tim Meadows — "It was the most fun writing-and-performing experience I think I’ve had."

8. Hated it: Nora Dunn — "SNL is a traumatic experience."

9. Loved it: Vanessa Bayer — "It’s such a great job to get you ready for the rest of your career."

10. Hated it: Jay Pharoah — "They put people into boxes. Whatever they want you to do, they expect you to do."

11. Hated it: Michaela Watkins — "I feel like it was a marathon, but the week I got there, they cut my Achilles.”

12. Loved it: Kristen Wiig — "I wanted to be on the show. It was really hard for me to leave even when I did."

13. Hated it: Jay Mohr — "I wasn’t enjoying it, even when it was going well.”

14. Loved it: Aidy Bryant — "I am leaving with so much love."

15. Hated it: Harry Shearer — "It was about as far from pleasant as you can possibly get."

16. Hated it: Casey Wilson — "I began taking antidepressants to lift myself up from rock bottom."

17. Loved it: Fred Armisen — "That is something I really will always miss, and I just yearn for it."

18. Hated it: Chris Elliott — "It was just such a miserable experience..."