20 Comedians I'd Love To See Join The Cast Of "SNL"

    It's not too late, Lorne!

    Saturday Night Live has had some of the greatest comedians of all time in its cast, but I think it's still missing some very funny people.

    1. Patti Harrison

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    Note: In the video above, Patti Harrison comes in at 3 minutes

    Patti Harrison has been steadily rising in fame from her parts in I Think You Should Leave, Shrill, and a starring role in Together Together. And with recent bigger projects like The Lost City and an episode of She-Hulk, she's getting to the point where guest-hosting an episode of SNL is a must. 

    But whether host, cast member, or writer, Harrison would be a fantastic addition. And she's friends with current cast member Bowen Yang, so who knows?

    2. Tim Baltz

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    Comedy Central

    A regular on Bob's Burgers and The Righteous Gemstones, Tim Baltz is an alum of The Second City, a comedy theater that has been supplying SNL with cast members since the show started. 

    He's good at playing weirdos, like the guy who invents a suggestive toilet in Better Call Saul. He was even picked by Rolling Stone as a prospective future cast member, so NBC needs to get on it.

    3. Vic Michaelis

    4. Tawny Newsome

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    The Second City

    Musician, comedian, and actor Tawny Newsome is the voice of Beckett Mariner on Star Trek: Lower Decks and one of the stars of Netflix's Space Force. She's also a veteran of The Second City, an iconic comedy theater that will show up on this list again.

    Newsome feels like a natural fit for SNL, but it turns out she already auditioned and didn't get it. But, like, I'll argue for Jenny Slate further down on this list; it should never be too late to go back to SNL after making a name for yourself in the industry.

    5. Lisa Gilroy

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    Lisa Gilroy

    I'm a big fan of Lisa Gilroy from the podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, where she's played several insane characters. But more people may know her from her Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, where she makes videos like the one above.

    With people like Ziwe turning their Instagram Live into a talk show on Showtime, Lisa Gilroy has plenty of reasons across her social media to be an SNL cast member.

    6. Lauren Lapkus

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    Comedy Central

    Perhaps best known as The Wrong Missy, Lauren Lapkus is part of the phenomenal comedy group Wild Horses. You may have also seen her on the first episode of Netflix's The Characters, which she stars in, wrote, and co-directed.

    One of my favorite roles of hers is in The Earliest Show, an episodic Funny or Die sketch that already feels like an SNL segment. And if you're up for it, there's an hour-long compilation of all the outtakes and bloopers from Lapkus and Ben Schwartz riffing off each other.

    7. Lily Sullivan

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    Lily Sullivan

    Another one of my favorite Comedy Bang! Bang! guests, Lily Sullivan has also appeared on The Righteous Gemstones, I Think You Should LeaveKilling It, and Spirited.

    If her audition for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee doesn't work out, SNL would be lucky to have her.

    8. Robin Thede

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    Robin Thede doesn't really need an appearance on SNL because she created what is arguably a better sketch show herself: A Black Lady Sketch Show.

    It's me. I'm arguing that it's a better sketch show.

    SNL has been an institution for decades, and some of the most remarkable comedy shows to come out in that time have been responses to it (for example, I Think You Should Leave was created by SNL alum Tim Robinson).

    A Black Lady Sketch Show differs from most other sketch shows in that it has mini narratives threaded through the skits each season (as opposed to jumping from one skit to the next).

    But still, SNL could only benefit from Robin Thede bringing some of her magic to New York.

    9. Quinta Brunson

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    I first saw Quinta Brunson on A Black Lady Sketch Show, and everyone now knows her from Abbott Elementary, but true fans will know that Brunson got her start here at BuzzFeed.

    Even before her time at BuzzFeed, Brunson was turning heads with her Instagram series Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date. She's certainly got her hands full being the showrunner and star of Abbott Elementary, but it's surprising that she hasn't hosted SNL already.

    10. Heather Anne Campbell

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    The Midnight Show

    Technically, Heather Anne Campbell has already dipped her toes in SNL's waters, lending her writing talents to season 36. And she's a wonderful writer, currently with the Rick and Morty team. 

    But she has tons of experience as a performer, from her time on shows like MADtv, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Improv Everywhere. She was also the teacher in that "high on potenuse" Key & Peele sketch with my favorite line: "You will never be Troy!"

    Energetic, charismatic, and aggressive in the best way possible, Campbell would be amazing in a skit with someone like current SNL cast member Ego Nwodim.

    11. Drew Tarver

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    The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

    Alongside Dana Carvey's "Choppin' Broccoli" and Adam Sandler's "Lunch Lady Land" should be Drew Tarver's tender and melodious "I Reuse McDonald's Cups."

    Not only does he deserve to be on SNL, but he also deserves to still be on the canceled How I Met Your Dad TV show. I'm not talking about Hilary Duff's How I Met Your Father, but the 2014 version starring Greta Gerwig (with Drew Tarver as her best friend) that was not picked up after the pilot aired.

    But since then, Tarver has had a lot of success in TV, so fingers crossed he still winds up on SNL sooner rather than later.

    12. Mike Birbiglia

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    Mike Birbiglia is more of a funny storyteller than a stand-up comedian. His sets often revolve around one theme or event, and have as many touching moments as they do hilarious ones.

    He's also a talented performer who could walk the same line as someone like Adam Sandler, playing the "straight man" in a sketch as easily as he can fly off the handle.

    13. Rory Scovel

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    Comedy Central

    If you skip one minute ahead in the video above, you'll see Rory Scovel keep an audience applauding for three minutes straight. He tells one joke at the end and then leaves, but the rest is just him demanding that the audience not stop clapping, and he manages to make it funny. 

    Give him featured status on SNL already, Lorne. That audience is still clapping.

    14. Tig Notaro

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    Of all the people on this list, Tig Notaro is perhaps one of the biggest legends in stand-up comedy. She's worked a lot of different jobs, from band manager to Sam Raimi's assistant to an actor, writer, and producer. But she hasn't been on SNL, and that should be fixed.

    15. Taylor Tomlinson

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    One of the biggest stand-ups working today, Tomlinson's Netflix specials have been huge hits. She's also had big success on TikTok and has made the late night rounds, from The Tonight Show to Conan. It only makes sense that the next stop is SNL.

    16. Theo Von

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    Theo Von, like Taylor Tomlinson, is doing just fine between stand-up specials and podcasting success. But SNL could use some Southern charm and mullets, and Von has both.

    17. Fortune Feimster

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    First getting popular as a writer/panelist on Chelsea Lately, Fortune Feimster has steadily done more and more television, and she recently had her first Netflix special. 

    She's only going to get more well-known and beloved from here, so SNL should book her while they can.

    18. Todd Glass

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    Blue Room Comedy Club

    Known as a "comedian's comedian," Todd Glass has been a regular on many talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Conan. He also had a prank show on Tosh.0, and currently hosts a podcast called The Todd Glass Show

    Glass has a lot of opinions and loves calling out people who are acting like assholes. He'd be my top pick for Weekend Update, following in the footsteps of Update hosts like Norm Macdonald or Kevin Nealon.

    19. Eliza Skinner

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    Warner Bros

    Eliza Skinner is a stand-up, writer, and actor who is a self-professed cat lady. She's performed on late night shows and has written for a lot of awards programs, shorts, and (most recently) a Disney+ talk show for kids called Earth to Ned. 

    With plenty of experience on the stage, behind the camera, and in a writer's room, she'd be the perfect addition to season 49's cast.

    20. Jenny Slate

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    So, we should start with the fact that Jenny Slate was already an SNL cast member. She joined in 2009, but was let go from the show after a single season. Some speculated that she was fired for accidentally saying the f-word during her first episode, but she later clarified that it just wasn't a good fit for her.

    But more than 10 years have passed, and in that time, Slate has done some incredible work. The Marcel the Shell YouTube videos took off, she landed the role of Zoe the Chipette in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (kickstarting a prolific voice-acting career), she gained popularity with comedic roles in Kroll Show and, later, Parks and Recreation, and she's doing more dramatic work, such as starring in Obvious Child.

    After becoming one of the biggest names in the voice-acting industry and the success of the Marcel the Shell with Shoes On movie (Slate is the voice of Marcel and co-wrote the movie), there's no better time for an SNL reunion. 

    Though, considering the wild cast of characters Slate got to play on Kroll Show, maybe she considers that box already checked.

    Who are some of your favorite comedians you'd like to see on SNL? Let me know in the comments!