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Nick Kroll And Jenny Slate Gave Us Tips On How To Nail A Perfect First Date

"You gotta bring the cheese in your purse."

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Dating can be complicated AF, but thankfully My Blind Brother stars Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate know what's up. The hilarious duo offered to answer YOUR tough questions on how to nail the perfect first date.

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1. What are three things you should never discuss on a first date? —katies45a685360


Jenny Slate: Bad things that any of your exes have done to you or you'll look like you're a little bit spiky and full of rage, any skin issues that you have, and if you don't believe in evolution, keep it to yourself.

2. What food should you order on a first date? —vivientocw


Nick Kroll: There's nothing more romantic than sharing a salad. I'll order for the lady, always. If you're a guy, always order for the woman.

Jenny: Women love that. If you're the man on a first date, make sure you just sort of tell her what she's like. Make sure to show her you through her.

Nick: Yeah, you're going to have the Caesar salad...and I'm going to feed you those anchovies.

Jenny: Right.

3. What's the best excuse for bailing on a date? —HEATHER123


Jenny: [acting out] I'm so sorry — I'm having such a bad time! I'm so sorry. This is so random, but I'm having such a bad time with you. Your personality is just absolutely the opposite of what I was hoping for! I am so sorry, this is so weird. But I have to go!

4. Is using a cell phone on a first date inexcusable? —Regulatori


Jenny: I think if I was on a first date and a man was checking his phone at the table, I would think that he kind of doesn't know what's up.

Nick: I think you wanna have a phone handy so you can show the person you're with your prior convictions.

5. Do you start a first date with a hug or a handshake? —Eimi


Nick: I mean, read the room.

Jenny: Yeah, read the room — but I always like to hug. Unless you don't like them, then you should handshake and then they'll know that this is over.

Nick: What I usually say is I go, Can I hug your lips with my tongue? And they're confused by that but by that time, I've already run out of the room.

6. How much cheese should you eat before a first date? —Meriel June, Facebook


Jenny: You gotta bring the cheese in your purse.

Nick: You gotta bring a warm cheese. I like to eat a lot of good cheese before a date so that there's a real gurgle in my stomach.

Jenny: [gurgling] And you kind of got, like, a cheese voice like this. And I drank lots of milk.

Nick: [gurgling] And then you swallow.

7. How do you make things spicy on a first date? —corbarnhill


Nick: Well probably Frank's RedHot sauce.

8. Who pays on a first date? —Rachel Beth, Facebook


Jenny: Split it! It's 2014!

Nick: Banana split it! If it's a male and female on a date, I think the guy pays and says you owe me!

Jenny: I know it's not 2014 — I was doing a joke.

NIck: It's 2015. We all know it's 2015.

Make sure to check out Nick and Jenny's new movie, My Blind Brother, on iTunes, in theaters, and on demand now!

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