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First Dates Are Awkward AF, But Nick Kroll And Jenny Slate Are Here To Help

Have no fear — Nick and Jenny are here!!!

First dates can be awkward. Like, REALLY awkward.


But on the flip-side, they can be really, really great!

Luckily, My Blind Brother stars Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate are willing to give us all some advice on how to nail a perfect first date.

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Want to know what you should wear when meeting your potential future Mr./Mrs. Right?!


Are you wondering if it's cool to show up early for a date, or if you should arrive fashionably late?


Maybe you have questions about food! Are there any meals on the menu that you should definitely NOT order?

Twentieth Century Fox

Or topics that shouldn't be discussed?


Oh, Kim.

Write your first date question in the comments below and yours could be answered by Nick and Jenny!

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