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Krista Torres • 1 hour ago

Maybe read this before you bust out the whipped cream tonight ok??

"Funeral homes will absolutely take advantage of grieving people."

"My son asked me, 'Who's that at the window?' We were on the second floor."

Even antifreeze is freezing.

You are not alone.

Nooooo thank you!!!

"Are you serious?"

""We decided to kick him out after discovering his collection of used condoms under the bed."

"The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue."

"Don't drink the coffee."

I'm... fading... away...

Lunch. Definitely lunch.

Don't @ me with "I remember all of this and I am 12," 'cause no, you don't! This is for "old people" only!!!

I promise, it's really good.

Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler.

"I had no idea" - you.

You've always wondered, and now you'll know.

These go well beyond "What are the odds?"

There's no going back after this.

Birds are so damn lucky!

We've been sleeping on this for YEARS.

"A child born of human and spirit will usher in the end of times." —Billie Dean Howard, AHS: Murder House

Yep, that's what a skull with milk teeth looks like.

Petty is as petty does, y'all.

I'll never look at "The Dark Knight" the same way again.

I bet you didn't realize cake is crucial to forecasting the future!

Destroy or defend your favorite kid foods.

I'm shook, you're shook, we're all shook!

From scraping their arm to getting a bone through their brain.

Oh no, no, no.

Some things are just too weird to eat.

Please, this man can't just walk around in his underwear.

Why aren't these everywhere???

Can you imagine being pregnant 375 days?!

BRB, moving to Japan.


Petty party of one.

Get ready for some very difficult decisions!

Kids at a wedding? Yes or no?

No more selfies, Megs.

Here's the only quiz where you can try to get Belle and end up being Black Panther.

Everything will be different now.

You're officially out of excuses.

"Wow!" —You, in a few minutes.

"OMG I had to laugh, but seriously this is inappropriate to be in a kids' section."

Take it at your own risk.

Andrew Ziegler • 12 hours ago

"My aunt poisoned my grandma to get her inheritance."

"My roommate punched me and broke my nose."

The inside of a guitar seriously looks like a super pricey Airbnb.

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