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All The Best Looks At Queer Prom 2018

10s, 10s, 10s across the board!!!

Vicki Chen One year ago
Taylor Miller One year ago
Vicki Chen 2 years ago

This Is How BuzzFeed New York Does Halloween

We take this holiday SERIOUSLY.

Jon Premosch 3 years ago

These Spooky Butts Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Because it's not Halloween without a full moon.

Taylor Miller 3 years ago

7 Pinterest Beauty Hack Fails That Will Make You Say "Me"

Hacks are for people who are bad at makeup, right?

Sarah Burton 3 years ago

The Hardest Gluten Quiz You Will Ever Take

Get BREADY for the ultimate test.

Vicki Chen 3 years ago

We Saw The Corpse Flower In Bloom And It Was Disgustingly Beautiful

It brought tears to our eyes — literally.

Taylor Miller 3 years ago

BuzzFeed Wants NYC Locals With Resting Bitch Face

We want to show the world your RBF.

Vicki Chen 3 years ago

We Painted Guys' Butts For Summer And This Is What Happened

The season is the reason. (Like we needed a reason!)

Taylor Miller 3 years ago

We Gave 16 Trans People Makeovers To Honor Their Idols

"I hope when people who feel left out because of their gender expression see this post, they'll feel like we're honoring them." - Jeffrey Marsh

Nora Whelan 3 years ago
Taylor Miller 3 years ago
Taylor Miller 3 years ago
Taylor Miller 3 years ago

15 Ridiculous Ways The Characters On “Friends” Found Dates

Once upon a time, in a world without Tinder, six friends found people to date in totally improbable ways.

Vicki Chen 3 years ago

The Best Breakfast Sandwich Is Actually A Grilled Cheese

Also great for lunch, dinner, and all the snacks you require in between.

Christine Byrne 4 years ago

12 Corny-Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Before The Summer Ends

Because the corny things in life are the best things in life...

Vicki Chen 4 years ago
Rachel Sanders 4 years ago