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    DPR Ian Read His Thirst Tweets, And It Was Wild And Endearing At The Same Time

    "Why would you want to rearrange your guts???"

    Korean-Australian singer-songwriter, Christian Yu, aka DPR Ian, celebrated the recent release of his EP Dear Insanity... by doing one of our favorite things: reading Thirst Tweets.

    Closeup of DPR Ian

    The tweets were some of the most feral we've seen, but of course, DPR Ian had some fun with it. We counted, and by the end, his knee slapping and "goodness" reactions were at 16 and 15, respectively.

    Closeup of DPR Ian

    To watch DPR Ian question the rearranging of guts, beg his fans not to create new holes, and more hilarious "insanity," watch the full video below!

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    Be sure to stream Dear Insanity... and check out DPR Ian's latest music video for "Don't Go Insane" out now!