TWICE Played With Puppies, And It's My New Favorite Thing

    The girls of Twice playing with puppies while answering questions makes my ONCE heart so happy.

    ONCE, this is for you! You've been asking...

    twice puppy interview?

    — e ❆ (@jocendia) November 23, 2022
    Twitter: @jocendia

    You've been waiting patiently...

    honestly the only thing we actually care about getting is a twice puppy interview

    — ☁️ (@stormymomo) February 24, 2020
    Twitter: @stormymomo

    And we've been working on it...

    no promises but i would love this

    — BuzzFeed Puppy Interviews (@buzzfeedpuppies) December 14, 2022
    Twitter: @buzzfeedpuppies

    Finally, we are excited to announce that TWICE did the puppy interview!

    Twice posing together

    We had all the girls of TWICE in our studio to answer questions while they played with puppies, and to be honest, it was everything we could have imagined and more.

    Twice playing with puppies

    Tune in below to watch them all chat while cuddling with adorable and adoptable puppies!

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    If you can't get enough of TWICE, be sure to check out their latest EP, With YOU-th.

    Album cover featuring nine members of TWICE in elegant white outfits with the title "With You-th."

    And grab tickets to their Las Vegas show here.

    Special thanks to North Shore Animal League America for partnering with us and bringing the adoptable puppies!