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Stray Kids Just Ranked Their Songs, And TBH, You Might Be Shocked Which One Came Out On Top

"Why is this so difficult???"

It's no secret that Stray Kids — aka one of our favorite South Korean boy bands — has an impressive discography. After all, they've been making absolute bops and bangers since 2017!

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And since the guys recently released their latest album Noeasy, we challenged the group to rank 32 of their biggest songs.

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Naturally, picking their favorite song proved to be just as hard as picking a favorite child.

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Changbin was especially upset at some of the decisions that were made that day. 😂

There were even a few rock, paper, scissors matches that broke out to decide which songs deserved to stay in the running. We never said this was going to be easy!

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So, wanna know which song came out on top? Well, you're gonna have to watch the full video to find out:

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And make sure to save and fill out our Stray Kids bracket to rank along with them!

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Can't get enough of Stray Kids? Be sure to check out their latest album, Noeasy, out now!

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