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Okay, I'll Be Honest: Literally Every Single One Of These Pictures Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

I'm going to be completely honest with you: My mind is completely blown.

1. This is what the homepage of Amazon.com looked like in 1995:

2. This is what the iceberg that sank the Titanic looked like after being hit:

Black-and-white photo of an iceberg

3. This li'l fellah here is a baby flamingo:

A baby flamingo

4. This is how thick one of the cables holding up the Golden Gate Bridge is:

A Golden Gate Bridge cable and fog in the background

5. Marisa Tomei's name can do amazing things:

6. A bag of Doritos from 1968 had unprecedented levels of swag:

7. This is what olive oil looks like after it's pressed from olives:

Someone pouring olive oil after processing

8. This is what first class on a plane in 1960 looked like:

First class section of an airplane

9. One of Picasso's first self-portraits compared to one of his last could not be more different:

10. French fries, my boy, well, French fries can be very, very long:

11. And bananas, my boy, well, bananas can be very tiny:

12. This right here is a 70-million-year-old imprint of dinosaur skin:

Dinosaur skin

13. In 1907, world-class swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for indecency after she wore a bathing suit like this one to Revere Beach in Massachusetts:

Annette Kellerman

14. The inside of a pinecone makes me somewhat uncomfortable:

15. Stove burners can be super hardcore:

16. In 1962, three men escaped Alcatraz Island prison after fooling guards with papier-mâché decoy heads that looked like this:

papier-mâché heads

17. This is what a living sand dollar looks like compared to a dead one:

18. CGI has come a long, long way:

19. And McDonald's in France serve something called McBaguette:

It's basically two hamburger patties and all the classic toppings you'd expect on a baguette. What a world.