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20 People Who Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

Well, that's not great. Not great at all.

My friend, if you just had yourself an absolutely awful week where nothing seemed to go your way, just remember...

1. The person who might just want to turn on the heat:

snow in someone's car with the words, "When you forget to close your sunroof"

2. The person who is going to have to play the worst game of bobbing for apples the world has ever seen:

"Whoops" with a paintbrush in a paint can

3. The person who learned that the best mornings start with a huge mess to clean up:

coffee all over the car seat and the words "Great start to my morning"

4. The person whose neighbors never let the party die:

lights outside and the words "new neighbors keep the lights on all the time — it's 2 am"

5. The person whose washing machine is up to some shady stuff behind closed doors:

"my washer vibrated so much it blocked the door"

6. The person who had this absolutely classic blunder we've all experienced happen to them:

salt all over a desk with the words "I tried adding salt to my sardines and"

7. The person whose dryer got a cool new makeover:

ink on the inside of a dryer and the words "pen + dryer ="

8. Ol' Green Foot:

a person with green paint on their foot and the words "I wore open-toed shoes to a wedding and found out they painted the grass green"

9. The person whose glasses are absolutely cooked:

glasses with glue on them and the words "I got nail glue on my glasses and I don't know how to get it off"

10. The person who learned one of life's most valuable lessons the hard way:

mismatching shoes and the words "Never get dressed in the dark"

11. The person who found a lil' friend in their completely eaten salad:

"There's a caterpillar in my salad" and a box of eaten salad with a caterpillar at the bottom

12. The person whose pizza went absolutely nuclear on them:

a broken oven and the words "I just wanted to make a frozen pizza"

13. The person whose straw is an apt metaphor for their entire life:

an unrolled straw and the words "I give up"

14. The person who will never be comfortable pumpin' ever again:

a spider in someone's gas tank and the words "I won't be pumping gas today"

15. The person whose ice cream is absolutely rock hard:

a bent fork in ice cream and the words "I guess I gotta wait"

16. The person whose bacon is approximately 97.85% fat:

fatty bacon in a pan and the words "This is the bacon I got sent in my meal-prep box"

17. The person whose pharmacist might just have the most powerful stapler around:

a staple in a credit card and the words "the pharmacist accidentally stapled my card to the bag"

18. The person who must cast this jacket into the flames:

"Went to put my jacket on and" with a spider in the neckline

19. The person whose protein shake erupted with absolutely incredible force:

shake splattered all over the floor and fridge

20. The person who's going to have to go on a dang expedition to get their package back:

a package on a roof