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I Wish These 21 People Could Be Fired From Their Job As "Parent," But Unfortunately That's Not How It Works

One mom poured bleach in the air vents because she "saw it on TikTok."

Disclaimer: The following post contains mentions of child abuse and rape.

1. These parents who had sex while their kid was in the same room, then posted about it on social media:

2. This parent who wants to breastfeed her son in front of his entire kindergarten class:

3. This parent who wants to circumcise their own kid:

4. This parent who thinks it's okay to make their 4-year-old babysit:

5. This parent who wants to control their child's life even after they turn 18:

6. This parent who actually should be arrested:

7. This parent who really just referred to their child as a "failed boy":

8. This parent who turned to Facebook instead of the hospital for their child's severe burn:

9. This parent who went to disgusting extremes with their Roe v. Wade opinions:

10. This parent who should be banned from TikTok:

11. This parent who sounds like an absolutely insufferable guardian:

12. This parent who convinced their child that hand soap is dangerous:

13. This parent who has nothing better to do than slut shame their own daughter:

14. This person who dismissed their child's mental illness:

15. This person who shouldn't have to be saying "not white supremacy" in the first place:

16. This parent who says they "don't want a contract," which is basically code for "I don't respect boundaries":

17. This parent who took their kid out of their inheritance for voting for a candidate they disliked:

18. This parent who...honestly I have no words for this one:

19. This parent who's trying to control their child's political views in the most aggressive way:

20. This parent who doesn't believe in therapy:

21. And finally, this parent who thinks breast milk and black seed oil will cure their child's cancer: