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Donald Trump Thinks Scotland Rejected Independence Because Of "Ugly Windfarms"

Another day in the world of Mr Trump. Does he mean tilting at them?

Six Arrested After Violence At Pro-Unionist Rally In Glasgow

Police were called to disperse an angry standoff in Glasgow’s George Square.

Alex Salmond Resigns As Scotland's First Minister After Referendum Defeat

The man who built the Scottish National Party into the dominant force in the country's politics has quit.

7 Fascinating Insights Into Why Scotland Voted Against Independence

An opinion poll conducted after polls closed asked people how they voted and why. This is what it found.

Yes Voters Are Reacting To The No Vote, And It's Pretty Bleak

Scotland has officially rejected independence. The reactions among Yes voters range from utter despair to hopeful calls for reconciliation and future political action.

Scotland Votes Against Independence

Scotland's referendum has ended with voters rejecting independence. Welcome to the new United Kingdom.

Every Single Time Jeremy Vine Teased Us With Sexy Graphics

Don't worry guys, this post will be constantly updated over the night.

Scottish Independence Referendum: The Final Results

All the results from the independence referendum are now in.

36 Things That Will Definitely Happen In An Independent Scotland

In an independent Scotland, everyone will have a cute wee dug.

8 Russian Cats Who Support Scottish Independence

Scots living outside the country aren't eligible to vote in the historic independence referendum. Neither are cats. But that doesn't mean they can't have opinions.

Watch A Man With Flamethrower Bagpipes Lead Scottish Voters To The Polls

The Short Walk to Freedom saw a hundred people march around the Craigmillar area of Edinburgh before casting their vote for independence.

We Asked A Bunch Of Cute Kids What They Thought About The Scottish Referendum

These children attended a large pro-independence rally in Glasgow. But why?

Here Are All The Silly Things Happening On The Internet While Scotland Votes

I was actually blown away to discover people were posting online lolz during such an important and historic event.

14 Types Of Post-Referendum Hangover Illustrated By Highland Cattle

Whatever happens in Scotland, just hope you don't feel as bad as these poor cows.

The Breakaway Republic Of Transnistria May Or May Not Support Scottish Independence

This is one of the more effusive emails we've received from a press office.

Here's How Britain's Newspapers Are Marking The Scottish Independence Referendum

Polls opened at 7 a.m. local time (2 a.m. ET) today. The people of Scotland are today being asked the question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?". If they vote "Yes", the 307-year-old union between Scotland and the rest of the U.K. will come to an end.

Scotland Votes No: Analysis And Reaction

Scottish voters have rejected independence from the United Kingdom. The pro-union campaign won 55% of the vote.

16 Pictures From The Last Time Scotland Voted In A Referendum

In 1997 Scotland held a referendum on whether to have its own parliament. It was an overwhelming Yes vote.

Meet The Catalans Who Drove To Scotland To Support The Independence Campaign

They said 300 of them would be out in force in Edinburgh tomorrow. They're hoping to do a traditional Catalan dance in the castle.

These Yes Voters Are Certain The Polls Are Wrong And They Will Win

But what happens if you're not even mentally considering the possibility of the defeat?

The Scottish Sun Invited People To Write Their Own Front Page – Guess What Happened Next

This was an opportunity for social media users to engage in a historic political moment. Instead, they scrawled penises.

On The Campaign Trail In The Final Hours Of The Better Together Campaign

Anti-independence campaigners are quietly confident about their chances in the referendum. Tomorrow they'll find out whether they're right.

Scotland's No Voters Feel Threatened, Afraid To Speak Out, And Think Their Country Is More Divided

Exclusive polling by YouGov for BuzzFeed News reveals the extent to which Scotland's No voters think the country has changed during the referendum campaign.

Gordon Brown Delivered A Passionate Speech Against Independence And Better Together Supporters Are Going Crazy For It

The former prime minister defended Scotland, attacked the SNP and praised the shared history of the United Kingdom. Better Together supporters absolutely loved it.

I Went To See 77 People Get "Yes Scotland" Tattoos In The Name Of Independence

The queue was around the block for Yes tattoos in Kirkcaldy. Let's just hope they don't change their minds.

How Should You Actually Vote In Scotland's Independence Referendum?

Take this incredibly scientific quiz to find out.

Here's How The Scottish Referendum Looks From 10,000 Miles Away

Every Scottish expat wishes they were in Scotland today.

Loads Of Welsh Nationalists Are In Scotland Campaigning For A Yes Vote

Plaid Cymru activists have flown up to join the campaign for independence.

We Asked English People How Much They Knew About Scotland And It Could Have Gone Better

Let's hope people have made their minds up before reading this...

Europe Would Survive An Independent Scotland

Why doom-mongers are wrong to predict disaster for the EU if Scotland votes to break away from the U.K.

Gordon Brown Branded "A Traitor" For Opposing Scottish Independence

The former prime minister is not a very popular man among some sections of the pro-independence movement.

This Quebec Nationalist Says He Will Laugh At Scotland If It Votes “No”

The leader of a Canadian political party that supports independence for Quebec said Quebecois were worse off for voting No in two independence referendums of their own.

Gordon Brown Says The SNP Is The Biggest Threat To The NHS

The former prime minister delivered a very pro-Labour take on the Better Together campaign at an anti-independence rally outside Glasgow.

Lib Dems Call On Alex Salmond To Condemn Intimidation By Yes Voters

The leader of the Scottish Lib Dems suggested that the SNP leader is presiding over a culture of intimidation.

This Photo Of A Cloud May Or May Not Have Predicted The Scottish Independence Result

What does it all mean? No really, what is going on here.

Meet The Londoners Asking Scotland To Reject Independence

BuzzFeed News asked these anti-independence demonstrators in Trafalgar Square why they are saying "naw" to this week's Scottish independence referendum.

Alex Salmond Says David Cameron Will Struggle To Stay As Prime Minister After Independence

The first minister reckons Cameron will face an uprising from irate Conservative MPs if Scotland votes Yes on Thursday.

Scottish Voters Don't Care What David Beckham Has To Say About Independence

"He's always been known to be a bit dim," said one voter.

Alex Salmond Pledges "Magnanimity" Towards Pro-Union Supporters After Independence

The Scottish first minister said there will be no need for a "day of reckoning" against opponents of independence if Scotland votes Yes.

John Oliver Hilariously Sums Up The Scottish Referendum On "Last Week Tonight"

"When you haven’t been nice to someone for a thousand years, it’s very difficult to suddenly start.” UK readers: The video will be available to watch on YouTube on Tuesday.

24 Times The Internet Responded Hilariously To Scottish Independence

It seems not everyone is taking this thing entirely seriously.

Rupert Murdoch Arrives In Scotland And Considers Backing Independence

The owner of The Sun has been spotted in Aberdeen with just days to go until the referendum vote. But will his paper endorse either side?

19 Animals Who Are Voting Yes In The Scottish Independence Referendum

Amid all the analysis, polling and debate no one has asked Scotland's animals what they think. #cats4yes #dogs4independence

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