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Watch Labour MPs Get Chased Through Glasgow By A Rickshaw Playing "The Imperial March"

All in a day's work for one supporter of Scottish independence.

When Labour announced 100 MPs would be heading up from London to campaign against Scottish independence, one man knew what to do: Sit in a rickshaw and play Star Wars theme tunes at them.

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He had some words for passersby:

"Say hello to your imperial masters. These lovely people have travelled all the way from England to tell us they are better to rule us than anybody else, our imperial masters. People of Glasgow, your imperial masters have arrived!"

BuzzFeed News had a chat with Matt Lygate, the man in the rickshaw, to understand his intergalactic mission to undermine supporters of the union.

"The rebel alliance must pounce upon every opportunity it finds," he said. "When they send in the stormtroopers to Glasgow, we will always be here to give them a warm welcome.

"To be fair to the stormtroopers, the majority took it in good spirits. Although I don't know how many of the Empire generals are too happy to have their theme tune played behind them during their staged interviews with the mainstream media they brought along with them."

It went down pretty well with supporters of independence:

Labour MPs striding down Buchanan St, someone starts playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. I don't just love Glasgow, I adore Glasgow.

Hilarious,Mass ranks of Ermine in Waiting aka Labour MPs) march through Glasgow to tune of Star Wars imperial march https://t.co/Fx0Gx0yzZH

The guy in glasgow following the labour goons whilst playing the Star Wars music and shouting people of glasgow bow to ur masters ,fantastic

This is the man with the microphone giving it his all while some slightly baffled Labour MPs look on.