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16 Pictures From The Last Time Scotland Voted In A Referendum

In 1997 Scotland held a referendum on whether to have its own parliament. It was an overwhelming Yes vote.

1. Back in 1997 it was Labour pushing for a Yes vote in a Scottish referendum, believing that a Scottish parliament would curb Scottish nationalism.

2. John Prescott, who has spent the current campaign waving No banners, toured Scotland in support of a Yes vote.

3. And played a saxophone, for some reason.

4. Donald Dewar was the Labour politician leading the Yes campaign.

5. The campaign was comparatively straightforward.

6. The leaflets looked a bit like this.

7. And this.

8. And this.

9. In this photo, Peter Mandelson is holding up a Yes T-shirt that looks like as if it was designed by someone who'd spent a bit too long obsessing over The KLF.

10. Oh, and Mandelson also kissed babies.

11. On election day, 11 September 1997, the ballots were taken to Meadowbank in Edinburgh.

12. The votes were counted.

13. The referendum was overwhelmingly for Yes.

14. Yes supporters were happy.

15. And some people were very, very happy.

16. And Scotland celebrated having a parliament with limited devolved powers.