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Watch A Man With Flamethrower Bagpipes Lead Scottish Voters To The Polls

The Short Walk to Freedom saw a hundred people march around the Craigmillar area of Edinburgh before casting their vote for independence.

Meet Ryan Randall. He plays the bagpipes. You may notice there are flames coming out of them.

He led The Short Walk to Freedom, a rally of Yes voters through Edinburgh on polling day. Around a hundred people joined him in winding through the streets of the Craigmillar estate to the polling station.

Young and old, kids on scooters, pensioners in wheelchairs – all these Yes supporters followed Randall through the streets to vote, while he played bagpipes with flames coming out.

Randall said it was a "bit damp". That's because he's actually from, er, Las Vegas.

(Listen, he's got an American accent.)

Still, can't argue with a man with fire coming out of his bagpipes.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how a two-year campaign over Scottish independence ends: with a man with flaming bagpipes by the side of a road on the outskirts of Edinburgh.