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19 Animals Who Are Voting Yes In The Scottish Independence Referendum

Amid all the analysis, polling and debate no one has asked Scotland's animals what they think. #cats4yes #dogs4independence

1. This cat is busy reading up on the options for currency union and is voting Yes after concluding sterlingisation would inevitably take place following a transition period.

2. This dog has decided to vote Yes and is taking the message to the streets in the name of social justice.

Our dog showed her support for #VoteYes today at the Yes stall in Comrie #indyref

Felicity Martin@FelicityM

Our dog showed her support for #VoteYes today at the Yes stall in Comrie #indyref

6:27 PM - 06 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

3. This cat prefers to do its campaigning from the comfort of its own home.

4. This dog is concerned by the continued influence of Westminster politicians on Scotland.

5. This cat would like to fly the flag for an independent Scotland after concluding a fair settlement could be reached with Bank of England governor Mark Carney on splitting the UK's national debt in an appropriate manner.

6. This dog was motivated to campaign following the SNP's 2011 election victory and decided to vote Yes after a lengthy period of reflection and the consumption of much relevant literature.

7. This dog was originally undecided but wasn't sure Westminster could be relied upon to devolve further powers to Holyrood within an acceptable timeframe.

8. This cat is quite relaxed about voting Yes as it it convinced Westminster is hiding substantial oil reserves which have recently found off the coast of Shetland.

My cat decides that we should #voteYes @Cats4indy #indyref

Mel Robertson@mel_robbo

My cat decides that we should #voteYes @Cats4indy #indyref

8:20 PM - 01 Aug 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

9. These two have been discussing the referendum for several years. They feel independence is a risk and remain concerned about Scotland's dependence on North Sea oil. However, they like the promise of lower corporation tax and extra biscuits.

10. This dog was always going to vote Yes and doesn't know why you're questioning its commitment to the nationalist cause.

11. This cat has been putting up Yes posters in windows.

12. This dog is aware of the central funding Scotland currently receives from Westminster thanks to the Barnett formula but believes Scotland's economy will be boosted by an 'independence dividend' that will help future generations of canines.

13. This dog is tired after a hard day's canvassing for Yes.

14. This dog is a quiet supporter of independence and likes to wear a subtle nod to the Yes campaign.

15. This dog is currently boycotting ASDA dog food after the supermarket warned independence comes with serious economic risks.

16. This cat is definitely voting yes to Scottish independence next week after giving the matter paws for thought.

Cat usurps Dog #YES bandana. Bring it on! #indyref #voteYes


Cat usurps Dog #YES bandana. Bring it on! #indyref #voteYes

12:12 PM - 12 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

17. This horse couldn't bring itself to vote neigh.

18. These cows are part of the "missing moolian" of quiet Yes voters who the pro-independence movement believe will turn up at the polls on Thursday.

19. And this cat just thinks Scottish independence would be purrfect.

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