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Taiwanese Animators Have Made An Absolutely Insane Video About The Scottish Referendum

This is definitely how everything happened.

Taiwanese animation house TomoNews specialise in creating utterly weird CGI videos depicting how major news events have unfolded, and they've offered their interpretation of the Scottish independence referendum campaign.

Below is a list of the most memorable, headline-grabbing moments of #IndyRef, as portrayed by TomoNews. All of these things definitely, 100% happened.

1. That time Alex Salmond did an air punch, and David Cameron stood next to Alistair Darling outside parliament with a tiny Nick Clegg attached to him in a Union Jack papoose. / Via

2. When Darling and Salmond got into a fight in front of a massive graph. / Via

3. That time anonymous members of the Scottish Commonwealth Games team floated down from the sky and landed on the massive graph while holding a gigantic Yes ball. / Via

4. That time the giant Yes ball literally came into Darling's campaign office like a wrecking ball, causing him to literally press the panic button. / Via

5. That time Salmond stabbed Berwick-upon-Tweed with a saw. / Via

6. That time the Queen dusted off that old oversized Keep Calm poster she'd been keeping in the Buckingham Palace attic. / Via

7. That time HRH cried fountains of tears while sewing an oversized mock-up of a potential post-Yes-vote flag. / Via

8. That time Ed Miliband, Cameron, and tiny papoose Clegg dressed up as the Bay City Rollers and threw copies of the Daily Record out of the back of a plane. / Via

9. That time Salmond was working in a chippy and wrapped up his chips in copies of the Daily Record before tossing them to his best mate, Fat Bastard from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. / Via

10. That time Scotty from Star Trek, Groundskeeper Willie, a unicorn, Rab C. Nesbitt, and Mel Gibson all queued up in Salmond's chippy.

11. That time Braveheart Mel Gibson trotted through the Highlands on a unicorn while wearing a tuxedo, before imploring you to vote Yes.

You can watch TomoNews' full video here:

View this video on YouTube

Warning: contains one of the worst Scottish accents you're likely to hear.