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12 Podcasts Hosted By Women To Listen To This Fall

There are a plethora of podcasts to go around for everyone, no matter your taste or how you listen, but there’s really been no better time to hear powerful podcasts hosted by brilliant women.

News Podcast: The Sketchy Trump Tower Meeting Just Got Sketchier

News podcast about the suspicious money transactions that happened 11 days after the 2016 Trump Tower meeting, fake news this week, and recommendations from the newsroom.

Group Chat Podcast: Far-Right Propaganda Spreads In Europe

News podcast about the rise of the alt-right in Germany and this week's headlines.

News Podcast: Kavanaugh's Hearings And France's Anti-Vaxxers

News podcast about the Supreme Court nomination hearings, measles outbreaks in Europe, and fake news this week.

News Podcast: Abuse In Catholic Orphanages

News podcast covering child abuse at St. Joseph's Catholic Orphanage, deepfakes and fake news, and world news from NAFTA to Myanmar.

Group Chat Podcast: Instagram's "Self-Care" Scams

News podcast about the self-care thread accounts on Instagram and this week's news headlines.

News Podcast: What's Next For Manafort And Cohen?

News podcast about the Paul Manafort verdict and Michael Cohen guilty plea, FaceFirst facial recognition software, and the new BuzzFeed News Opinion podcast, What's Left.

Group Chat Podcast: Asia Argento And #MeToo

News podcast episode about allegations that #MeToo leader Asia Argento sexually assaulted actor Jimmy Bennett when he was 17.

News Podcast: The Girl In The Woods

News podcast episode about Mujey Dumbuya's murder, former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance, and the week's biggest headlines.

Group Chat Podcast: Taking Demands For Representation Too Far

This week's Group Chat podcast has a conversation about representation in Hollywood casting, along with a fake news quiz.

The News Podcast: Audie Cornish Shows Her Work

Audie Cornish, host of NPR's All Things Considered and Profile from BuzzFeed News, hops in the studio and we get updates on the Paul Manafort trial from our politics crew.

The Group Chat Podcast: QAnon Is LARPing For Older Folks

The News podcast episode, Group Chat edition: QAnon, Alex Jones and Infowars, and more.

The News Podcast: Trouble At The Border And Creepy Robots

New episode of The News podcast about the hunger strikes at the US–Mexico border and Pepper, HSBC's humanoid robot.

Introducing "The Group Chat": Your Midweek Check-In

The News podcast episode about Pro-Life Women’s Conference, feminism in the anti-abortion movement, and today’s breaking news.

The News Podcast: Facebook Scandals And Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Facebook's recent scandals, the Vibrio bacteria in oysters, and Michael Cohen's secret Trump recordings.

The News: Nothing To Calm Down About 😬

How many drug overdoses are unrecognized suicide attempts, what happens when you use your phone like a 10-year-old, and how the Helsinki summit will matter six months from now.

The News Podcast: Gwen Stefani And Operation Streamline

A deep dive into Gwen Stefani's career, mass deportations under Operation Streamline, Trump and NATO, and recommendations from the newsroom.

The News Podcast: Butts In Seats 🎥

This week on the podcast: What makes a movie a summer blockbuster in 2018? Also, the Fake News Quiz makes a strong comeback.

The News This Week: A Shrug Emoji In A Black Gown 👨‍⚖️

Charting gentrification with data, Supreme Court everything, and the Mexican election.

We Talked To Trailblazer Model Halima Aden About Muslim Women In Fashion

The Somali American model talks about her favorite parts about Ramadan, being elected homecoming queen in high school, and growing up in refugee camps in the newest episode of See Something Say Something.

Fatima Ali On "Top Chef" And The Healing Powers Of Pakistani Food

The chef stopped by See Something Say Something to chat about her time on Top Chef, how her Pakistani heritage influences her work, and her recent cancer diagnosis.

Oddisee On How He Works On Albums During Ramadan

Sudanese American artist Oddisee, aka Amir Mohamed, talks about working during Ramadan, learning from his travels, and how his experiences growing up in the DC metro area around other black, immigrant, and Muslim families affected his rap.

The News This Week: "They Are Children, Not Hostages"

Podcast episode about asylum-seekers at the US–Mexico border, Ziosk tablets at restaurants, and this week's news headlines.

14 Podcasts You Need To Listen To This Summer

For those long road trips or rainy nights in, these are the podcasts you should be listening to this summer.

Google Has A New Podcast App. It Also Hopes To Diversify Podcasting.

As far as Google is concerned, growth in podcasting "can’t only come from America.”

The News This Week: A Closer Look At The LGBTQ Coalition

This week’s podcast: Canada’s alt-right conference, Summer of Scam, how LGBTQ Americans live, and more of the week’s news.

The News This Week: Furries, Nazis, And #MeToo

Chris Savino's Nickelodeon reckoning, the neo-Nazi problem on Disqus, Kim Kardashian's visit to President Trump, and more.

The News This Week: New Census, Who Dis? 🕵️‍♀️

Puerto Rico's facing a new hurricane season, the census's controversial citizenship question, a world news update, and of course, the fake news quiz.

Ayman Mohyeldin Talks About Reporting In Gaza And Fasting In A War Zone

The MSNBC anchor stopped by See Something Say Something to talk about his work on-air and off.

The News This Week: It's NOT The End Of The World

Stacey Abrams' historic nomination in Georgia, how much Facebook knows about you, and the week's fake news headlines.

Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad On Training While Fasting For Ramadan

Hear about how the Olympic fencer and bronze medalist has created the things she wants to see in the world on the newest episode of See Something Say Something.

"The News" Ep. 2: This City's Got No Law

The story of Jose Martinez, or El Mano Negra, a quick update on Gaza and North Korea, Alexa for kids, and fake news debunking.

"The News" Ep. 1: The Royal Wedding Is A Goddamn Spectacle

The first episode of The News from BuzzFeed News.

The News: The BuzzFeed News Podcast You Didn’t Know You Needed

Don’t get lost in the chaos. Join BuzzFeed News reporters and editors every Saturday for news that’s smart, not stuffy.

Pretty For An Aboriginal Talks "Black Panther" And Colonisers Live At The Sydney Opera House

Still here to have all the conversations Australia is uncomfortable having about sex, relationships, dating, power, and…most difficult of all, race.

What You Need To Know Before You Walk Out Your Front Door

No mumbo jumbo. No jargon. No weird news-anchor voice. Listen to Reporting to You, a bite-sized daily news show that makes sense of what’s happening in the world.

Chris Evans Uses Nothing On His Beard, It's Just That Magnificent

OMG, Captain America thinks he's a dork! (and other things he told us on Thirst Aid Kit)

Don't Forget To Treat Yourself

The world is crazy, but here are some things that'll bring you joy.

Let Black Girls Be Funny

Not that we need your permission, anyway.

Jenifer Lewis Is The Mother Of Black Hollywood

And she's Honorary Auntie to us all.

Stacy-Marie, Fix Our Lives

Nothing but respect for OUR president.

Another Round, Live In Toronto, Eh!

We missed you, Drake!

Pretty For An Aboriginal Finale: We're All Superheroes

"I just want to lift a crane and have people be scared of me."

Hey, Did You Hear About Thirst Aid Kit, BuzzFeed's New Podcast?

Giving you everything you need to lust out loud.

Here Are The Definitive ABC's Of 2017

It has been a helluva year.

When Indigenous Life Is Threatened It Is Young Women Who Stand and Fight

"Women are inherently the holders of life. We will be the ones who ultimately have to step up and protect that," says Anishinaabe TV host, dancer and advocate Sarain Fox.

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