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    When Indigenous Life Is Threatened It Is Young Women Who Stand and Fight

    "Women are inherently the holders of life. We will be the ones who ultimately have to step up and protect that," says Anishinaabe TV host, dancer and advocate Sarain Fox.

    Podcast hosts Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell talk about race even when they’re not talking about race. It permeates their daily experience.

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    Across the first season of Pretty For An Aboriginal, Nakkiah and Miranda have talked a lot about how important African American culture is to young Aboriginal people. Across TV, music, film and social media, it validates and makes visible much of their experience — the experience of being part of a community that continually battles subtle (and overt) societal and institutional racism.

    But the First Nations’ network is also a strong, important community that in North America especially is carving out new spaces for protest and political change. And much of it is being lead by young, social media-savvy warriors.

    In this episode Nakkiah and Miranda talk to Anishinaabe TV host, dancer and advocate Sarain Fox.

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    They touch on the lessons learnt from the past 18 months of social and live activism, and talk about the new wave of young Aboriginal women who are leading protest movements in Australia and North America.

    “What’s erupted [is] an intra-community argument where you have older people, who are maybe more conservative, invalidating a lot of the voices of younger Aboriginal people,” says Nakkiah.

    “And in particular young Aboriginal women. And I think this is because a lot of young Aboriginal women are leading the fight personally.

    “I see that in Australia, because Aboriginal women have been so vulnerable, they’re also some of the most powerful in a lot of ways.”

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