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Young People Need To Be Fearless, Says Former Dolly Editor Marina Go

“I slipped an Asian girl onto the cover.”

Going Outside Is A Form Of Self-Care

"I always knew what forward looked like."

Trump Promised To Protect Iraqi Christians. ICE Rounded Them Up.

At least 100 Iraqi Christians arrested by ICE over the summer are still waiting to know what's going to happen.

The Blackest Thing You'll Ever Hear

Where else can you get Zane, Howard homecoming, and a fantasy spades draft in one place?

What Is Up With This Weird British Show?

We mean no harm, British friends, but we have some questions.

American Pop Culture Is Influencing An Entire Generation Of Aboriginal Storytellers, And It’s Inspiring AF

Australian actor and Orange Is The New Black star Yael Stone joins the podcast to talk American heroes and white allies.

A 91-Year Old Imam Still Finds Joy In The Podcast Studio

Abdur-Rahim Rashada survived World War II, Jim Crow, and then converting to Islam. Hear his story on See Something Say Something.

Introducing "Pretty For An Aboriginal", A New Podcast About Sex, Relationships, Dating, Power And...Race

BuzzFeed is proud to introduce Pretty For An Aboriginal — the new podcast hosted by Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell that’s set to challenge traditional perceptions of Indigenous Australia.

What's The Connection Between Islam And Hip-Hop In America?

"A dope lyric over a tight beat? That's like an ayah."

The Best Fan Art You'll Ever See

We're calling the Louvre.

Here’s What I Learned From Performing My First Halal Slaughter

On Eid al-Adha, Muslims around the world slaughter and donate a portion of lamb, goat, or cow in honor of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. I went to a slaughterhouse in Detroit to figure out if I had the stomach to kill the animals I consume.

This Is The Podcast America Needs Right Now

Back for a third season, and better than ever.

101 Times Is A Lot Of Times To Do A Thing!

This week, we celebrate 100 episodes of Another Round with crunk sea turtles, Obamarotica, and a joint, because why not.

Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton Used To Ask To Be Called "Bob"

He also shared some choice words for the white writers on Star Trek and told a story about the time Dr. Maya Angelou put him in his place.

April Ryan Isn't Scared Of Emboldened White Supremacists

"Make sure your sources are impeccable, and your facts are straight. Because we are under attack," said the White House correspondent.

Is Cory Booker The Anne Hathaway Of Politics?

The Senator told BuzzFeed's Another Round that he'd eat a penguin and sang some Les Mis.

For Matt Bellassai, Complaining Is Like Breathing

A dispatch from the newest drinking and podcasting endeavor.

Jonny Sun Melts Our Cold, Cold Hearts

An extremely sweet episode of Another Round.

Did This All Really Start With The Zapatistas?

Zeynep Tufekci, author of Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest talks about how social media has shaped modern protest movements, censorship and surveillance—plus whether Mark Zuckerberg should run for office, and why activists always hang out at McDonalds.

It's 95 Degrees. Here's How To Stay Cute.

Your Another Round friends are here to help you take over summer '17!

Is It On? Episode 16: Old Abbotts Die Hard

"I can't remember the last time I saw him say something positive about anything."

Give God And Obama A Holy Hand Clap Of Praise

Another Round gets the beautiful Chi town welcome.

Ramadan Is Almost Over, So Let's Talk About Souls

What do you think a soul is, even?

I Went To Find Myself After Feeling Betrayed By God

I've always been deeply sexual and deeply religious. Traveling through my many selves taught me that those two don't have to be incompatible.

Embrace Your Inner Colorful Goth

But do *you* know what vaporwave is?

Is It On? Episode 14: I Have This Russian Guy

"Donald and I are winning and winning in the polls..."

What It Feels Like To Be A Convert To Islam In Ramadan

God giveth biryani and God taketh pork away.

How The Internet Helped Ramadan Feel Like Home Again

When I moved away from home, I almost gave up on Ramadan. But an online confession helped me find my way back to it.

Is It On? Episode 13: The One Direction Of Anti-Islam

And, tequila shots with Neo-Nazis.

Flash Briefing Test For Jun 8

This is only a test.

Celebrating Ramadan In Black Muslim Communities

The glory of #BlackMuslimRamadan and #BlackoutEid

This Is The Most Beautiful Laugh In The World

It's like the audio version of a perfect pot of boiling water.

I Asked Activists How American Mosques Can Be More Inclusive

This week the See Something Say Something podcast interviews folks on the challenge of building community.

The Truth About Swedish Fish

Let's be real. Another Round looked into it, and you can trust us.

Listen To People Describe How They Begin A Day Of Fasting For Ramadan

On the new episode of See Something Say Something!

Is It On? Episode 11: Centrelink Will Kill You

"Sucks the life out of you..."

The Lucas Bros Are So Cool They Smoke Weed With Their Family

And a general reminder that improv is spoken word for white people.

"Another Round" Live Debuts Your New Favorite Subject: Thirst Theory

Listen and learn the difference between lust and thirst.

Here Is What It's Like To Go To Prom When You're Muslim

We asked fans of BuzzFeed's podcast See Something Say Something to share their Muslim prom stories. WARNING: they are very tame.

Is It On? Episode 9: Toilet Water

"Show me the bag, I’ll blow in it."

HuffPost Wants To Be The Internet's Fighting Tabloid

Lydia Polgreen talks about her career and her plans on NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen. She also reveals a big hire: former Daily News boss Jim Rich.

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