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We Figured Out What Makes Morris Day Blush

On this week's episode of the Another Round podcast, musician Morris Day reflects on his career and longtime friendship with Prince.

11 Ways To Kick Butt In 2017

Relentlessly focus on what you care about, and relentlessly dismiss what you don't.

11 Life Lessons We Learned From Janet Mock

Writer, filmmaker, trans activist, and beautiful human Janet Mock stopped by BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast to tell us about her skincare routine, why coral is her power color and her new film The Trans List.

How Michigan Muslims Voted

"You might get the sense that everyone is dismayed, but a lot of people are excited about the progress they made, about the coalition-building they had. They think they made meaningful progress toward making a powerful Muslim voting bloc, even though the desired result wasn't there."

Another Round, Episode 64: Live In Philly

Listen to a conversation with Rep. Joaquin Castro from Texas, recorded live in Philadelphia during the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Another Round, Episode 61: The Greatest

"Muhammad Ali worked so hard. I just hope I can go down in history to be as great as him. Or come close." - Boxer and Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields, 21

How The Internet Failed Jessi Slaughter

The target of 4chan’s trolling became a viral video in 2010. Now, the person formerly known as Jessi Slaughter talks about life after viral infamy.

14 Things You Never Knew About Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind the hit musicals Hamilton and In The Heights, told BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast about his childhood, making hip-hop mixtapes for Stephen Sondheim, and the time Kimye showed up to the theater.

Another Round, Episode 44: Mommy's Side Piece

On this week's episode, Gene and Linda from Bob's Burgers (aka Eugene Mirman and John Roberts) grace us with a song. Plus: a short recap of the Oscars, Stacy's Career Corner tackles internships, and Tracy's plant is trying to kill her.

Another Round, Episode 41: To Be Young, Gifted, And Black

Comedian Hannibal Buress swings by the stoode for some Black History-themed drunken debates, Tracy expresses her deep, deep mistrust of whales, and we examine another "WTF?" moment with "Is This Real Life?"

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