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    21 Podcasts That Come Highly Recommended

    Your ears and minds need this list.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to give us their podcast recommendations for 2020. Here's what they recommended:

    1. Shagged Married Annoyed

    Shagged Married Annoyed Podcast

    "Its a podcast by British comedian Chris Ramsay and his wife Rosie, and honestly it is HILARIOUS!!!! It's just them speaking about their lives and marriage and them answering questions from the public and celebrities. I'm in stitches every time I listen to it!"


    2. Why Mommy Drinks

    Why Mommy Drinks Podcast

    "I don’t even have any kids but these two moms and their guests are HILARIOUSLY real about motherhood and mental health. Episodes come out every Monday and it’s the BEST way to start out the week!"


    3. The Secret Room

    The Secret Room Podcast

    "It’s an indie podcast all about different people's secrets, like a woman who falls in love with a man on death row, or a guy who started his career working in porn until he landed a job at Google. So many amazing stories, you gotta listen!"


    4. Just Break Up

    Just Break Up Podcast

    "Listening to this is like drinking mimosas at brunch with two best friends who are loving you, supporting you, and gently call you on your shit. New episodes are released every Monday, which turns the worst day of the week into something I look forward to waking up for!"


    5. Redhanded

    Redhanded Podcast

    "Two UK beauties research and host this hidden gem. It’s full of interesting tales of murder, cults, underground ritualistic craziness. I don't know why It’s not on every true crime podcast list – it’s so good."


    6. You're Wrong About...

    You're Wrong About... Podcast

    "A podcast debunking everything you thought you knew about certain topics, covering everything from OJ Simpson, to Stonewall Uprising, to Tonya Harding, and everything in between!"


    7. Real Life Ghost Stories

    Real Life Ghost Stories Podcast

    "The best hosts you’ll ever come across. Their content is spooky yet hilarious. The stories are well researched and listeners have the opportunity to send in their own paranormal stories too. My absolute favourite podcast!"


    8. The Morning Toast

    Toast News Network

    "I never really watch the news, but The Morning Toast is perfect if you want to keep up on current affairs. They deliver the fast five stories you NEED to know ready for you to listen to with your breakfast. Claudia and Jackie are hilarious and their sisterly bond makes me feel like one of the family."


    9. Potterless

    Potterless Podcast

    "It’s about a young man reading the Harry Potter books for the first time. He has a different guest that has read the books already, and he covers a few chapters at a time. It is super funny! He’s finished the books now and is on to the movies, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the next episode! I can’t recommend this podcast enough. For avid Harry Potter fans or just your casual reader!"


    10. Office Ladies


    "Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are just the cutest real-life best friends, PLUS they are re-watching every single episode of The Office. Their behind the scenes stories and delightful banter make me happy on my way to work."


    11. Overdue

    Overdue Podcast

    "A podcast about the books you’ve been meaning to read. Two goofballs discuss both the classics as well as some great, pop culture tripe such as Fifty Shades. Each week focuses on one book which either Andrew or Craig has read. One tells the other about the book while the other fills in with facts about author. Oprah has even promoted it on one of her lists."


    12. Stuff You Should Know

    iHeart Radio

    "This is one of my favourites. I particularly like their episodes about historical events or people. I like learning shit when I'm listening to a podcast and the hosts are fun to listen to."


    13. Big, If True

    Big If True Podcast

    "A Canadian conspiracy theory podcast taking on the best and worst in conspiracies, unsolved mysteries, paranormal events, and cryptids with a comedic approach to all things weird and unknown."


    14. The Magnus Archives

    The Magnus Archives Podcast

    "The final season starts in April, but I'm currently on my second listen through of the first four seasons. If you are a fan of horror, fantastic story-telling, great character development, or all of the above, I can't recommend this one enough."


    15. Girls Gotta Eat

    Girls Gotta Eat Podcast

    "This is an AMAZING podcast. Rayna and Ashley are two of the funniest human beings in the world. This comedy podcast is all about navigating sex, love, and dating. So worth the hype. My Monday’s are so much better with this podcast!"


    16. Transitional Wisdom

    Transitional Wisdom Podcast

    "Hosted by a trans man and non binary person and created specifically for the LGBTQ+ community and allies. The podcast shares very personal stories and discussions and also has AMAZING guests who share their own challenges and triumphs of growing up and living as a transgender or queer person. Topics range from sex to social media pressures, from mental health to surgery, and everything in between."


    17. Two Girls One Ghost

    Two Girls One Ghost Podcast

    "Super entertaining and spooky! Two girls discuss viewer stories and do their on research on really neat paranormal topics."


    18. True Crime Obsessed

    True Crime Obsessed

    "You guys, you will absolutely NOT regret listening to True Crime Obsessed. It is the best of both worlds combined. Comedy and crime all in one amazing podcast!"


    19. The Rewatchables

    The Rewatchables Podcast

    "They go through classic movies that everyone has seen and break down what makes it so great. They’ve done Jaws, When Harry Met Sally, Die Hard, The Godfather, The Holiday, and so, so, so many more. Definitely worth a try!"


    20. Ologies

    Ologies Podcast

    "It's a great science podcast, I've learned lots just by listening to it. Ali Ward is hilarious and the guests are super knowledgeable and funny too."


    21. The Bitch Bible

    Dear Media

    "The Bitch Bible is absolutely amazing. Jackie Schimmel is hilarious and doesn’t get enough recognition!"


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