15 Podcasts To Take To The Beach

    For when you want to listen to something other than the waves at the beach.

    You’ve heard of beach reads, but what about beach listens? Here are some podcasts to dive into before summer ends. In summer the term “beach read” is thrown around with abandon. Everyone—from authors to publications—questions its meaning, unable to reach a consensus. In the same vein, asking what makes a podcast fit for the beach is futile. Instead, we’re recommending 15 outstanding podcasts that range in subject and style, from investigative journalism to narrative fiction, meaning there’s something for everyone… even if you like elaborate video game conspiracy theories. The only catch is that they’re capsules, but that makes them perfect for a weekend at the beach.

    1. 16 Shots

    2. BIKRAM

    3. Arden

    4. Articles of Interest

    5. Bronzeville

    6. Bubble

    7. Cover-Up *

    8. Dr. Death

    9. Gay Future

    10. The Grift

    11. The Habitat

    12. Mogul

    13. The Polybius Conspiracy

    14. Seeing White

    15. She Says