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23 "Toxic" Norms In The US That Are Very, VERY Messed Up

"It's so normalized how expensive healthcare is, and it's causing people to die or not seek treatment because they are worried about the costs. One broken arm later, and you're $10,000 in debt."

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"It's One Of The Biggest Mistakes You'll Ever Make": 22 Adults Are Sharing Helpful Pieces Of Advice That Younger Folks Should Keep In Mind

"I kept thinking that life would begin for real and I'd be happy and enjoy it after I finished school, finished university, had a good job, was in a relationship, had more money, etc. But it doesn't work like that; life is happening all the time..."

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Answer 8 Quick Questions To Find Out Which "So Bad It's Good" Movie You Embody

Dive into the delightful world of cult classics and cinematic guilty pleasures with this quiz. From over-the-top action flicks to campy horror masterpieces, some movies are so bad they loop right back to being phenomenal. Discover which famously "so bad it's good" movie mirrors your unique personality and sense of humor.

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