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101 Interesting Facts I Learned In September 2022 That Shocked And Surprised Me

In 1917, the British royal family renounced all of their ties to Germany and decided to change their name to "Windsor." Prior to this, the royals didn't have a public last name, although the British National Archives said they used "Wettin" as their formal name. Before landing on Windsor, names like "Tudor-Stewart," "Plantagenet," "York," "Lancaster," "D’Este," "Fitzroy," and even "England" were considered.

Madison McGee 5 hours ago

Non-Rich People Are Sharing The Pettiest Thing They’ve Seen Wealthy People Do, And Wow

"I’m Indigenous and work for an Indigenous charitable organization. We put on a cultural performance for passengers on an ultra-luxury cruise ship (think over $5K per NIGHT for a basic room on board). Passengers are meant to donate afterward. I lost count of how many threw in loose change or pretended to toss in money when their fists were actually empty."

Liz Richardson 10 hours ago

29 Things About Being Lower Class That "Rich People" Learned After Marrying Someone Significantly Poorer Than Them

"I was surprised that food was a privilege or luxury — not a given. My parents are fairly well-off, and I grew up in a house with an always-stocked pantry and refrigerator. If I was hungry, I ate without question. My wife grew up in relative poverty. If she was hungry, there was a strong likelihood there was no food in the house, and she would stay hungry."

"Yes, That's Mold" — For Years, This Woman Suffered Unimaginable Symptoms, Not Knowing Her Breast Implants Were The Cause. Here's What You Need To Know About Breast Implant Illness.

Melissa Lima started experiencing a variety of really awful symptoms that included fatigue, brain fog, extreme anxiety and depression, weight gain, slow-healing cuts and scrapes, random rashes, sudden food allergies followed by intestinal issues, muscle and joint pain, and she developed an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto's disease. She immediately felt better after her breast implants were removed. Sadly, however, many doctors deny that breast implant illness exists.

12 Kitchen Essentials That Make Great Gifts For Home Chefs

I asked two TikTok cooking experts what kitchen essentials they couldn’t live without. Here’s what they said about the best cooking-related gifts to get yourself or your favorite home chef.

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