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Tyler Perry

Making Television Is Expensive — But So Is Not Making Television

Time Warner is cutting costs in a scramble to boost profits and justify its rejection of a takeover bid by Rupert Murdoch. But as a $482 million "programming impairment" charge shows, cost cutting can be expensive.

Debating The Complicated Gender Roles In "Gone Girl"

With Gone Girl now in theaters, BuzzFeed’s Senior Film Reporter Adam B. Vary and Deputy Entertainment Editor Jaimie Etkin have very different feelings about the movie, and what it’s trying to say about men and women. They agreed on one thing. Maybe two. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

40 Birthday Fails Leads The Daily Links

Plus 13 things you need to know about the 2014 NFL schedule, skin-care and hair-straightening pro tips, and Billy Eichner destroys art if strangers can answer Tyler Perry trivia.

Chocolate News

In the age of Obama, Comedy Central is [finally] trying to capture an African-American audience in this sketch show disguised as a newsmagzine set to air before The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (not bad).

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