A New Photo Of Tyler Perry Has Fans Wiping Drool From Their Mouths And Shaking Their Heads All At The Same Time

    Oh hey, Mr. Perry!

    Let's skip the small talk and get right to it! We've seen actor and director Tyler Perry deliver a lot of looks over the years. From clean shaven...

    Tyler Perry at the 2006 Black Movie Awards

    ...to faux 'fros...

    Tyler Perry in a scene from "A Fall From Grace"

    ...and even women's clothes...

    ...but even those styles couldn't prepare fans for his latest style! On Wednesday, Tyler, who owns the largest film studio in the nation, shared this thirst trap that took a lot of fans by surprise:

    That photo might've started the conversation, but it definitely wasn't the only one that made fans do a double take — like when he had his yams out at the gym:

    Or this dapper ensemble that didn't disappoint:

    It could've been his exposed knee that made fans weak in theirs. Whatever it was, fans were hooked!

    I mean, people didn't know how to act! They couldn't decide whether to blame this newfound lust on his appearance or on the pandemic:

    Tyler Perry getting the girls moist. And y’all are admitting it in public. Unprovoked.

    Well Tyler Perry can slide Madea wig on and clap these cheeks

    Tyler Perry sexy as Fck pic😋😋😋😋😋Madea got some juice

    Tyler Perry said he doesn’t only hire sexy actors, he IS a sexy actor ... get into it!

    Why Tyler Perry lowkey sexy here ? https://t.co/Rm8dDeSJQU

    Ya’ll lusting over Tyler Perry lets me know that this pandemic is going too far. Please let this be over so ya’ll can wake tf up. MADEA?! Madeaaaaaa?!

    Me watching my whole timeline lusting over Tyler Perry. Y’all need Jesus.

    tl saying tyler perry fine... it’s been a long 7 months free us

    Happy 2020!