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    Here Is Every Tyler Perry "Madea" Movie, Ranked From Worst To Best


    9. Boo 2! A Madea Halloween


    While the chemistry between Madea, Bam, Hattie, and Joe is always fun, this installment in the Madea franchise is subpar and forgettable. The best parts of this movie are the group reactions. It's definitely the weakest link in the series by far.

    8. Madea's Witness Protection


    The concept of this movie was brilliant, but the execution fell short. The acting is either too dry or over exaggerated. There are a few touching moments and funny jokes, but they're always followed by a scene that only hinders their emotion. It seems to drag in the usually even-paced series.

    7. Boo! A Madea Halloween


    The better of the two Halloween movies, Boo! A Madea Halloween comes with a strong plot but an unstable direction. Some of the scenes don't fit as well as others and some aren't even necessary. The best humor in this movie goes to the smaller one-liner scenes. The worst humor is definitely the more immature jokes like running into a door and falling.

    6. A Madea Family Funeral


    This chapter used Madea's personality, strange family, and even stranger friends as the main source for laughs, which is a step up from the bottom three. What gives this movie its lower placement on the list is its complete lack of character development. Everything is just thrown at you all at once, which leaves some unanswered questions and some doors left wide open. It does not feel like the proper ending for a such a hugely popular series.

    5. Diary Of A Mad Black Woman


    This is the movie that introduced much of the world to the brash but well-meaning (usually) Mabel "Madea" Simmons. The introduction was slow though, as Madea is not given as much screen time as with other movies. It gave us a smaller taste of Madea, but that small taste was enough to build an empire on. This movie also tackled a few heavy issues like domestic abuse and divorce as well.

    4. Madea's Family Reunion


    This movie was full of exciting twists and turns! It's classic Madea, but it also covered the topics of domestic abuse, serious familial disputes, and even sexual assault. It featured a young Keke Palmer as a rebellious child who Madea takes in. The ending wedding was a bit contrived, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

    3. A Madea Christmas


    This is definitely the most underrated of the Madea movies. It used the formula that made Madea classic and modernized it for a new decade. It covered the topics of interracial marriage, implied child abuse, and internalized racism in a straightforward manner. We also get to see a Madea/Larry The Cable Guy collaboration. The movie also features a sweet ending scene, wrapping the movie up in a pretty bow!

    2. Madea Goes To Jail


    Without a doubt the most iconic film in the franchise, this flick is a bright gem on the Madea crown. It also tackles issues like prostitution, failure of justice, and prison life. Madea is unstoppable inside and outside of prison gates. We also get to see Viola Davis and Dr. Phil make appearances in this movie. Madea entering the big house was bound to happen, and the movie was better than any of us could have expected!

    1. Madea's Big Happy Family


    This movie is the Madea magnum opus! It combines a gorgeously powerful plot with the comedic tough love of the signature matriarch. This is the Madea movie that we always turn to for any emotion. It makes us laugh, cry, rage, and pity the characters who are developed so well in such a short period of time. The heartbreaking, yet uplifting funeral scene is capped with Madea setting the family straight like she needed to.

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