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Wedding Planning

People Are Sharing Money-Saving Tips For Wedding Food And Drinks, And I'm Taking Notes Because They Are Genius

"When you're speaking to caterers, don't call it a wedding — instead, call it a party. A friend of mine chose a local donut place for dessert, and she called and asked about pricing for a 100-person wedding: $250. She called back a week later and asked about a 100-person party: $85."

"As someone who is engaged again to my ex-husband, I can't stress enough how much work goes into a successful relationship" over a couple kissing at their wedding, next to a reaction shot of shocked JLO

"I've Been Married For Over 34 Years, And My Husband Still Doesn't Know How To Give Me An Orgasm": People Are Sharing The Aspects Of Marriage They Wish They'd Prepared For Before Tying The Knot, And It's Eye-Opening

"I would have liked to have known more about sex, specifically orgasms. I've been married for over 34 years, and my husband still doesn't know how to give me an orgasm, and I don't know how to educate him. Sex has been very disappointing."

Today's Essentials For Planning A Destination Wedding

These days everyone is online -- my grandma uses an iPhone and my 2 year old nephew uses an iPad like no one's business! So, here are some 21 century tips on planning your destination wedding.

13 Unconventional Registry Ideas For The Modern Wedding

While everyone obviously wants a quesadilla maker, it might not actually take you that far in life. With all the rules of weddings in flux right now, it's time to say goodbye to those antiquated ideas of what belongs on a wedding registry.


18 Reasons To Fear Wedding Season

Everyone you know is getting married in May, and they want to take away your vacation days too.

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