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    Today's Essentials For Planning A Destination Wedding

    These days everyone is online -- my grandma uses an iPhone and my 2 year old nephew uses an iPad like no one's business! So, here are some 21 century tips on planning your destination wedding.

    Wedding Butlers offers major advantages and cost saving perks like wedding websites and e-vites at no extra costs!

    Wedding Website:

    ​Our services include a wedding website that contains all the need to know info for your guests!

    ​All of the must have details like celebration dates, location and of course, cost.

    ​Plus some cool extras like a guest book so friends and family can write you a message. A photo gallery of the happy couple and beautiful tropical pics of the destination and resort!

    We also include an advanced RSVP system that allows guests to accept or decline your invite which will then send them the instructions on how to complete their reservation.

    ​Seamless, stress-free and simple! All at your fingertips!

    ​These days it's essential to have a wedding website.


    ​If you aren't following us on Pinterest, you should be! It's a necessary tool for finding wedding inspiration! Our boards and pins are specifically geared for the resorts and venues we work with so they're filled with what has been done, what can be done and some pretty awesome ideas that you will want to consider!

    ​One of the challenging things of having a destination wedding is that you may not be aware of what your options are and some of the resources are limited. But, that's where we come in! We've been to these places! We've planned countless events here! We've had our own weddings on these same beaches and resorts! Not to mention the strong relationship we've built with our vendors and resorts. Wedding Butlers can make your Pinterest wedding a reality!

    E-vites & Newsletters:

    ​People are attached to their phones, emails, social networks... so put the information where the people are! While sending out paper invitations may be the formal and traditional way, it's not necessarily as practical when it comes to planning a destination wedding.

    ​In most cases the quote you receive for your destination wedding is only valid for a certain length of time. In that time frame you and your guests will need to put down a deposit to confirm their reservation. Having a time constraint can make things tricky when waiting on Mr Postman. You will want to give everyone the info as soon as you can to allow them ample time to make their reservation. Plus the way we create your beautifully designed e-vite guests can click to get to your wedding website instantly!

    ​Our mailing system is pretty sophisticated. It allows us to see who has opened or not opened your e-vite! We use this same tool to send out some helpful reminders to your group like "your balance is due" or "packing tips for your big trip!" even "check out these local tours". Don't worry, we'll only send a few and at your permission -- we promise not to bug your guests!