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    15 Awkward Wedding Stories That Are So Cringeworthy, They’re Hilarious

    “I set my veil on fire.”

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most awkward moment they had at their wedding. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. This music mix-up:

    "It started playing 'Despacito' instead of Christina Perri while I walked down the aisle. I turned to the coordinator and said, 'That’s not the right song,' and she immediately turned white. According to my husband, it wasn't even a prank!"


    2. This flying footwear:

    "My bridal shoes were slightly too big, and they were tripping me up during the father-daughter dance, so I decided to discreetly kick them off between steps. The first landed neatly under a nearby chair, as I intended. The second shoe missed and instead shot across the room like a missile, nearly braining two guests. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and everyone laughed it off as I apologized again and again. Though, a couple inches more to either side, and it could have been a lot worse."


    3. This fiery fiasco:

    "I set my veil on fire. During the lighting of the unity candle, I still had my veil covering my face. As I lifted it up to blow out the candle, it went through the flame and burned a hole into it."


    4. This drunken disaster:

    "I decided to quit drinking for three months prior to getting married, so by my wedding day my tolerance was way down. We had a VERY generous bartender, and I ended up getting so hammered that I don’t remember the last half of my wedding. There are stories and photos of me laying on the floor, falling, and spilling red wine all over my dress. I guess everyone agreed that I needed to leave the wedding early, so they got us a Lyft and got me out of there!"


    5. This photo fail:

    "I’m the friend that always spills, falls, or breaks something, so I was elated to make it through our wedding day wearing white without a single mishap — that is, until the very end of the night. For our big send-off, we had all our friends and family line up along the stairs outside, and since there were only three steps, I figured it would be cute for pictures if we jumped. Well, I didn’t take into consideration that my dress restricted movement in my legs, so I leaped and hit the pavement. Luckily, the photographer got all of it on camera so I can relive the moment for years to come."


    6. This forgotten detail:

    "I forgot my husband's ring. I was up on the platform listening to the minister, waiting for his cue to stand up and exchange vows and rings, when it hit me. My heart sank to my stomach, and I had to awkwardly motion to my parents in the front row that my ring was in my purse in a back room. All the other wedding guests watched as I had to point at my finger, then to my husband, and then to the general direction of the back room while mouthing, 'His ring is in my purse.' Somehow they understood what I meant, and my dad grabbed it and slipped it to me when I stood up to give my vows. Huge yikes."


    7. This laughing matter:

    "We had a fairly generic wedding and didn't want to do our own personalized vows. So, the officiant had us recite the basic vows, and I laughed the whole time. Like, I couldn't get any words out. I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and everyone was uncomfortable. I think my brain knew how badly I didn't want to be there. We barely lasted a year."


    8. This "deadly" dance move:

    "My husband and I didn’t practice our first dance ahead of time. The dance was going pretty well until we tried to do a spin move, and he almost dislocated my shoulder. Our photographer caught a photo of our entire bridal party looking horrified. It makes me laugh every time I see it!"


    9. This awkward silence:

    "My husband and I had a big, beautiful church wedding, and I was very emotional during our vows. Our officiant asked my husband if he took me to be his wife, and he said, 'I do.' When the officiant asked me, I forgot my lines, and there was an entire minute of silence before I gasped and said, 'Oh me! I do!'"


    10. This first kiss fail:

    "My now-husband and I had a small social distanced wedding that we broadcast virtually during the pandemic. I had a bunch of people ask me what happened during our first kiss because I suddenly disappeared from the frame. My lovely husband tried to be romantic and dipped me for our first kiss — and he dropped me. I thought it was hilarious, and he still (and probably always will) gets roasted by all our family, friends, and coworkers for that one."


    11. This brain fart:

    "My husband forgot his name during the vows. He has three middle names, so with his first and last name, he has five names. After saying the first two, he just blanked and couldn't remember the rest, so the registrar had to repeat them to him. It's now a running joke that he has so many names that he can't even remember them all!"


    12. This self-love moment:

    "My husband and I chose to write our own vows to each other. I spent months on mine and was incredibly proud of them. I meant to say, 'I love you, not only for what you have made yourself, but for what you are making me.' Instead, I accidentally said, 'I love me.' I got a huge laugh, and my husband handled it gracefully (see the reaction photo). Naturally, after that, I was mortified and stammered through the rest of my vows. It’s now become a running joke in our families."


    13. This sweaty celebration:

    "I danced the night away. While my groom worked the room, I was dancing so hard and got reeeeeeeally sweaty. When everyone came to say goodbye, I was flushed and DRENCHED in sweat down my bare back and had to tell everyone not to touch me. The few people who I didn’t get to warn — or who didn’t heed my warning — touched my wet back and visibly recoiled."


    14. This surprise spill:

    "As part of the ceremony, there were two times when we said a blessing and drank wine. I was only expecting one, and I was so flustered and surprised that I accidentally knocked the cup and spilled wine all over the bride’s dress. Thankfully, she’s still my wife three years later."


    15. And this double dilemma:

    "So many things went wrong leading up to our ceremony. The worst was when I was helping set up our glass centerpieces and accidentally broke off a piece and badly gashed my finger. Blood got all over my bridal robe, and while trying not to cry and mess up my makeup, a nice man had a first aid kit handy and helped clean me up and bandage my finger. I had to skip the getting ready photos because I looked like I just came from Carrie's prom.

    Later on, my husband ripped his pants cheek to cheek while picking me up and spinning me around during our first dance. It's only been a year, and I still cringe, but someday we'll be able to laugh about it. I have a wicked scar on my finger to commemorate the eventful day!"


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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.