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    23 Cheap-But-Luxe Things To Help You Have The Lockdown Wedding Of Your Dreams

    They work for socially distanced hen parties, quarantine birthdays, and any other special occasion, too!

    If you planned to hold a wedding this summer, chances are that it's been somewhat affected by the coronavirus. If you're planning to go ahead with a slightly revised version of your wedding (or any downsized special event, TBH), these budget-friendly pieces will make it feel special despite the new venue, downsized guest list, and changes to your original plans!

    1. This lace-design bunting will add a touch of elegance to any open space.

    2. You can put these flameless tea lights anywhere you want to add a warm glow – and you won't have to worry about *that* drunk uncle setting the table on fire.

    3. These light-up initials are surprisingly cheap and make a cute lil' addition to your wedding decor.

    4. Let's be honest, a wedding is all about the flowers! If you're trying to save cash where you can then artificial ones are a good compromise – these faux hanging wisteria vines look truly ethereal.

    5. You can stick these little gold-tone butterflies on any boring flat surface to make it flutterly fabulous!

    6. This DIY wax seal stamp kit will let you add a luxe-looking personal touch to your invitations!

    7. These fairy lights look like teeny tiny lightbulbs – you can hang them overhead or drape them around your table decorations.

    8. And these fairy lights are designed to look like cherry blossom flowers, making them look that little bit extra special!

    9. This natural petal confetti is biodegradable and comes in 31 different – but equally gorgeous – colours!

    10. You can put these cork string lights inside any glass bottles you have lying around for an easy and personal touch to your table decorations.

    11. You can put sweets, spirits, personal notes, or anything else tiny enough inside these little bottles that make perfect party favours.

    12. This rose gold sequin tablecloth will add *just* the right amount of pizzazz to your main table.

    13. These faux cherry blossom garlands will look gorgeous draped over a banister or around the table decorations.

    14. And you can get super creative with this faux eucalyptus garland that will go with pretty much everything!

    15. Planning a wedding is complicated enough, let alone making it social distancing-friendly! Thankfully you can jot down all your important plans in this wedding planner journal.

    16. These personalised compact mirrors make perfect little wedding favours or gifts for your bridesmaids!

    17. These elegant hair slides look way more expensive than they actually are!

    18. This faux flower crown is simply perfect for a summer garden wedding.

    19. And these handmade flower crowns have a more subtle matching design that's perfect for bridesmaids or flower girls!

    20. Hang or drape these artificial ivy garlands over any empty-looking spaces to give them an easy makeover.

    21. These balloon stands will give your decorations some height and a professional-looking finish!

    22. This floral backdrop will make your guests' pictures look amazing, and as it's 2D it takes up very little space!

    23. And finally, these curtain lights will make any boring space look magical!