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    35 Incredibly Fun Ways To Add Color To Your Wedding

    The wedding's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

    1. Swap confetti or rice for bright pom poms.

    2. Set up a garnish bar for drinks...

    ...or a toppings bar for ice cream and cake.

    3. Build an ultra-bright bouquet.

    4. Frame the ceremony site in a bold, vibrant hue.

    5. Match ties to shoes...

    ...or to socks.

    6. Ditch the all-white cake.

    7. Sport multi-colored manis.

    8. Customize the groom's suit jacket with a hidden splash of color.

    9. Mix tones with a mod-inspired DIY backdrop.

    10. Or put together a balloon wall.

    11. Tint the traditional champagne toast with a hint of color.

    12. Trade traditional flowers for fabric ones.

    13. Opt for an unexpected color scheme.

    14. Remember that wedding dresses don't have to be all white.

    Experiment with add-on fabrics or dip dyes. The effect can be as bold or as subtle as you'd like.

    15. Hang colorful ribbons from the ceiling at the reception...

    Or behind the ceremony site.

    16. Slip on a vibrant pair of heels.

    17. Have your first look under a parachute.

    18. Brighten up the boutonniere.

    19. Stock the bar with colorful sodas.

    20. Give each bridesmaid their own hue.

    21. Add a layer.

    22. Don't forget the cufflinks.

    23. Play around with unique decor and accents.

    24. Use paint chips as seat markers.

    25. Amp up a neutral table setting with napkins that pop.

    26. Sprinkles!

    27. Incorporate a bold prop, like a bicycle...

    Or a bus.

    28. Set up colorful lawn games...

    29. Or a piñata!

    Learn how to make a DIY piñata using Post-It notes here.

    30. Pass out whimsical ribbons to guests.

    31. Turn your guestbook into a colorful keepsake.

    32. Build an eye-catching (and easy!) centerpiece.

    33. Have props handy.

    34. Hand out rainbow-colored wedding favors.

    35. Break out the crayons.

    Ready, set, COLOR!