35 Incredibly Fun Ways To Add Color To Your Wedding

The wedding’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

1. Swap confetti or rice for bright pom poms.

Megan and Seth Photography / Via

2. Set up a garnish bar for drinks…

Katie Scott / Via

…or a toppings bar for ice cream and cake.

DonDavidStyle Photography via


3. Build an ultra-bright bouquet.

Luckygirl Photography / Via

4. Frame the ceremony site in a bold, vibrant hue.

Lev Kuperman Photography / Via
Lev Kuperman Photography / Via

5. Match ties to shoes…

Brooke Courtney Photography / Via

…or to socks.

Jordan Brittley / Via

6. Ditch the all-white cake.

Justin & Keary Weddings / Via

7. Sport multi-colored manis.

Christine Farah Photography / Via

8. Customize the groom’s suit jacket with a hidden splash of color.

Brooke Courtney Photography / Via

9. Mix tones with a mod-inspired DIY backdrop.

Jordan Ferney / Via

Easy how-to instructions on how to make one here.

10. Or put together a balloon wall.

Perfect for photos.

11. Tint the traditional champagne toast with a hint of color.

This one used a small splash of grenadine.

12. Trade traditional flowers for fabric ones.

Wild Berry Studio & Design / Via

Attach some curled ribbons for extra whimsy.

13. Opt for an unexpected color scheme.

Jodi Miller Photography / Via
Jen Kroll Photography / Via

Turquoise, orange, purple, and pink. Why not?

14. Remember that wedding dresses don’t have to be all white.

Kelly Braman / via

Feather & Stone Photography / via


Brooke Courtney via

Jenny Markham


Experiment with add-on fabrics or dip dyes. The effect can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like.

15. Hang colorful ribbons from the ceiling at the reception…

Our Labor of Love / Via

Or behind the ceremony site.

Our Labor of Love / Via

16. Slip on a vibrant pair of heels.

Badgley Mischka

17. Have your first look under a parachute.

Christine Farah Photography / Via

Bonus points if your groomsmen match the parachute.

18. Brighten up the boutonniere.

Ashley Rose Photography / via

Feather & Stone Photography / via


19. Stock the bar with colorful sodas.

Ashley Rose Photography / Via

Pottery Barn


Putnam Bean via


20. Give each bridesmaid their own hue.

Christine Farah Photography / Via

Your bridal bouquet can include a mix of all the flowers.

21. Add a layer.

Cameron Ingalls Photography / Via

Don a colorful cardigan or wrap when the sun starts to set.

22. Don’t forget the cufflinks.

These are $12 on Etsy, and come in dozens of colors.

23. Play around with unique decor and accents.

Justin & Keary Weddings / Via

Because the world can only handle so many mason jars.

24. Use paint chips as seat markers.

Turnquist Photography / via

Martha Stewart Weddings


25. Amp up a neutral table setting with napkins that pop.

Birchtree Photography / Via
Jodi Miller Photography / Via

26. Sprinkles!

Jenna Ultican

Diana Rush via


27. Incorporate a bold prop, like a bicycle…

Rachel Thurston / Via

Or a bus.

Jen Rodriguez / Via

Bold indeed.

28. Set up colorful lawn games…

Jodi Miller Photography / Via

29. Or a piñata!

Amy Carroll Photography via

Amanda Thomsen via


Learn how to make a DIY piñata using Post-It notes here.

30. Pass out whimsical ribbons to guests.

DreamLove Wedding Photography / Via

31. Turn your guestbook into a colorful keepsake.

We Heart Photography / via


32. Build an eye-catching (and easy!) centerpiece.

Gemma Clarke Photography / Via

33. Have props handy.

You can find these on Etsy.

34. Hand out rainbow-colored wedding favors.

Lauren Rosenau Photography / Via

35. Break out the crayons.

Justin & Keary Weddings / Via

Cover the tables with white butcher paper and let guests channel their inner Picasso.

Ready, set, COLOR!

Christine Farah Photography / Via

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