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    17 Things People Wished They Knew On Their Wedding Day

    Plan the marriage, not the wedding.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what they wished they knew about planning their wedding. Here are some of the best responses.

    1. Double check everything.

    2. Make a specific email for wedding admin.

    "Make a separate email for wedding only correspondence with planner, vendors, etc." – mherndon

    3. Remember that people will only remember the fun parts.

    4. Plan the marriage, not the wedding.

    "Plan the marriage, not the wedding. The wedding is one day. My marriage is 29 years and counting." – lisaromanop

    5. Some things will come together in the final weeks.

    6. Plan what to do with leftovers.

    "People are going to RSVP yes and then not show up, and they will also act like it’s no big deal. So you’re going to have a lot of food left over. What I did was donate the extra food to a homeless shelter. Look into that before your big day." – obviouslygaby

    7. Only take the photos you want.

    8. Have a wedding that reflects who you both are.

    "The thing I wished I had realized sooner is that a wedding can be anything you want it to be. It should be a reflection of who you and your partner are - what you enjoy, what makes you happy, whatever best celebrates your relationship and commitment to one another. As long as your guests will be comfortable (i.e. fed and some sort of entertainment) you can do anything you want!" –jthuerrauch

    9. Don't listen to the opinions of others.

    10. Don't panic if the rings don't fit!

    "The rings might not go on on the big day. Excitement and stress do weird things to your body, and your fingers might swell. Put baby powder or corn starch on your finger before the ceremony, and don’t force your partner’s ring down all the way if it gets stuck. Nobody will notice that the ring didn’t make it past that last knuckle. Once things are calmer, each person can adjust their own ring comfortably." – rebeccam

    11. Make sure someone keeps you some food.

    12. And accept that not everybody will love every part of your day.

    "I wish I had known that not everyone will be overjoyed at the where, the when, or the how (but thankfully ok with the who!) I have found it so helpful to rely on my husband-to-be for reassurance and perspective, and to keep any details that we really like to ourselves, because anything shared before the big day can, and will, invite lots of opinions!" – tracyb

    13. Always have a backup plan.

    14. Under-cater slightly.

    "I’ve had two weddings. Both times, only 85% of the yes RSVPs actually attended. They all explained that emergencies happened and things came up at the last minute, which I understood. However, I hated paying $50 a plate for people who did show. I wish I had known to give a final head count of only about 90% of the yes RSVPs." – sandras

    15. Keep an eye on the bigger picture.

    16. Stash some snacks in your hotel room.

    17. The people that matter will be there.

    "That October in North Carolina is still hurricane season. And the people who matter will fight a hurricane to be there." – Natalie Horner via Facebook

    Some responses have been edited for length.

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