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What Did You Wish You Knew While Planning Your Wedding?

Tell us the nitty gritty details of everything you learned while planning your wedding!

If you've ever planned a wedding, you know that it comes with just about the steepest learning curve imaginable.

One day, you're excitedly FaceTiming your friends to tell them you're engaged, and the next you're wondering why you have to pay $130 for your cousin's ~influencer~ boyfriend to eat chicken at your reception. It's a roller coaster!

You learn about some things to expect, like the ridiculously high cost of literally everything (including invitations).

But you also quickly learn that things like "20% gratuity" and "champagne toast fees" exist.

Out of nowhere, you're looking at the money end of "a lovely mixture of peonies," wondering how the heck anyone has ever planned one of these things without completely losing their minds (and their entire life savings, TBH).

If you've planned a wedding, we want to know EVERYTHING.

What popped up unexpectedly? What hard decisions did you have to make? Whose feelings were hurt and how did you navigate that?

Tell us what you wish you would've known while wedding planning — and please include as many details as you feel comfortable sharing! — in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming story on BuzzFeed and As/Is.

FYI: We can't upload professional wedding photos from a photographer, but we can embed them if they are on a public Instagram account. Just comment the IG link if it's a profile picture. All non-professional pictures from your iPhone or 2006 digital camera are welcome.