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    Here Are A Bunch Of Romantic Vacation Ideas For Couples

    From bustling cities to serene beaches.

    1. Belize

    Zimmytws / Getty Images

    "We spent two weeks on Ambergris Caye, a large island off the coast of Belize. It's a short plane ride from the mainland, so it was easy to visit Belize City and the Mayan ruins for a day-long excursion. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, the food was delicious, and the scenery was amazing!" — a4344a2751

    2. Lake Tahoe

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    "My husband and I went to South Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon, and it was the best vacation of my life. There are so many things to do like hiking and water sports, but there’s also shopping, great restaurants, and casinos for less outdoorsy people. One highlight was taking a sunset tour of the lake on a catamaran." — melissap462fdaa17

    3. Cuba

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    "We went to Cuba, first Havana, then Cayo Santa María, and Varadero. Cuba has so many beautiful things to see, the vibe is totally magical, and the beaches are gorgeous." — f4da12ac76

    4. Thailand

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    "We took a three-week honeymoon in Thailand, and we spent time in Bangkok, Chang Mai, and Phuket, in addition to some smaller island hopping. It was absolutely amazing. And since Thailand is relatively cheap, we could afford to live it up. There was amazing food, luxurious spas, beautiful beaches, and fun shopping."


    5. U.S. National Parks Road Trip

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    "If you're a road trip kind of couple, consider driving to several national Parks. Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Sequoia National Park are all about a day's drive from one another." — kend4fe281761

    6. Cancún, Mexico

    Liliboas / Getty Images

    "We couldn't afford a week in a tropical overwater bungalow somewhere, so we decided to go to an all inclusive, adults-only resort in Cancún. It was the perfect relaxing vacation after a crazy and emotional wedding week. — Skingirl85

    7. South Africa

    Getty Images

    "We started in Cape Town and drove up the coast before staying for a few days in Kruger National Park. The safari part was amazing, and we got to see lots of different scenery as it changed from ocean to mountains to savanna." — Jackierenee

    8. Greece

    Getty Images

    "My husband and I spent a week in Mykonos and a week in Santorini. It was absolutely incredible and I'd highly recommend the same trip." — addieleeh

    9. European Road Trip

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    "We were planning on spending our honeymoon in the Swiss Alps, but those plans fell through last minute. We decided to rent a car and drive through Switzerland, Italy, and France, just making up our itinerary as we went. We ended with three days in Paris. I would recommend a fairly unplanned road trip through Europe to any adventurous couple." — evlynvanderv

    10. Northern Michigan

    Ehrlif / Getty Images

    "It may not sound very sexy like going to a tropical destination, but northern Michigan is beautiful and inexpensive. We saw so many wonderful natural landscapes like Pictured Rocks and Taquemenon Falls. There are great hiking trails, and there's nothing more romantic than watching the sunset on the Great Lakes. The upper peninsula is also pretty remote so we didn't have cell phone service up there, and it's great to just unplug and enjoy each other's presence." — allisonn4524eac7e

    11. Disney World

    12. Alaska

    Getty Images

    "We decided to take an Alaskan cruise. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pricey, but it was just the right balance of adventure and relaxation. It was stunningly beautiful, fun, and had plenty of down time for relaxing." — melissab56

    13. United Kingdom and Ireland

    Leonid Andronov / Getty Images, Twstipp / Getty Images

    "We had an amazing two weeks in the U.K. and Ireland. We started in Edinburgh for a few days, before heading to Glasgow and Liverpool, where we caught a professional football game. Next, we traveled to Wales and then took a ferry over to Dublin, in Ireland, where we stayed in an old castle that had been turned into a hotel. From there we drove along the Southern coast then up to Killarney National Park and the Dingle Peninsula. The mix of historical sites and the great outdoors was perfect for us." — k4b65040c6

    14. Costa Rica

    Charles Wollertz / Getty Images

    "This trip was the perfect blend of adventure, romance, and great food. I'd suggest spending some time by Arenal Volcano. We found a great resort called Nayara with secluded hot tubs, an amazing spa, and lots of pools." — rebeccas43

    15. Chile

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    "This actually wasn't our honeymoon, but traveling to Chile was far more spectacular than where we actually honeymooned. We went to spectacular vineyards outside of Santiago, ate amazing seafood in Valparaiso and then made our way to Patagonia where we climbed volcanoes, swam on emerald lakes, and trekked through beautiful hills and glaciers. That trip was magical and I'd recommend it to anyone."


    16. Hawaii

    Sorincolac / Getty Images

    "My honeymoon to Kauai was the best trip I have ever taken. The scenery is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and every bend in the road offers another postcard-worthy photo op. Much to our surprise, the beaches were never very crowded. I am already tempted to look up flights to go back ASAP." — Robyn Betz, Facebook

    Did you take an incredible honeymoon trip that wasn't mentioned? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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