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18 Reasons To Fear Wedding Season

Everyone you know is getting married in May, and they want to take away your vacation days too.

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While you're grateful of witnessing your closest friends' unions, there will also be many weddings by ex-coworkers, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, and distant family acquaintances that you're obliged to go to. Some of them will be stocked with ultra-conservative guests.

And for those, you're preemptive terrified because–


3. All your other vacation plans just went down in flames

According to Lonely Planet, ancient Egyptians believed that the Sphinx guides all your slain vacation days to the afterlife.


8. Unless the wedding's totally Pinterest-core


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You're sort of horrified they're all getting married in the same few weeks in September and May.

Stay strong. Things will only get weirder once they start having kids.

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