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21 Clever Tricks To Make Any Wedding So Much Easier

Pledging to spend your life with someone is a huge deal; don't let the seating chart and thank-you notes stress you out.

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9. Register someplace that lets you exchange duplicates or unwanted gifts for cash.

Policies can vary, so check with the store in question first, but it prevents the hassle of owning three George Foreman grills and/or ending up with store credit at a place you'll never set foot in again.

10. When you're unwrapping gifts, ask someone else to write down givers' names on sticky labels so you can keep track.

Once the wrapping paper is off and the gift tags have been lost in the trash, it can be impossible to remember who gave what otherwise.

11. If you're invited to a wedding, set the date as a recurring calendar alert in your phone.

That way, you'll remember the couple's anniversary every year. This is also a v. good trick for forgetful husbands and wives.


19. If guests are giving checks as gifts, ask (politely!) that they be made out to just one member of the couple, or to both with "or" rather than "and" in between.

Many banks have different policies regarding deposits and joint accounts, so it's best to cover your bases. Guests should also have a heads up if one or both members of the couple are changing their last names.