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    People Are Sharing The Times They Attended Weddings That Were Ruined, And I'm Wincing In Pain

    "She was having an affair with the best man for years."

    Recently, Reddit user u/lolfuckno asked people to share their experiences of attending ruined weddings, and they had lots of dramatic and traumatic stories to tell. Here's what they said:

    1. "I catered a wedding reception that was booked for 250 guests — only 30 ended up coming. The bride was heartbroken."

    A bride is sad her party is empty

    2. "The groom got so drunk the night before that he couldn't make it to the altar. He made an appearance at the reception, but he looked like a zombie and wasn't dressed up. The couple divorced within six months."

    A sad bride tries calling someone on her phone

    3. "I attended a reception where my aunt, who was sitting close to the camera, spent the evening gossiping about everyone. Much of it came out on the video, but luckily the cameraman made two copies, one edited and the other not."

    Two people gossiping at a wedding party

    4. "The bride's father was super late to walk his daughter down the aisle. While we waited, the air conditioning broke, and it was over 100 degrees outside. The food got spoiled, and most people left after the first dance."

    A person dabbing sweat off their head while waiting in the heat

    5. "Apparently, the bride had been having an affair with her cousin’s husband for a while. The cousin knew but waited until the wedding to expose the bride. The poor groom was blindsided."

    A person puts their head in their hand in disappointment

    6. "I went to a wedding where the venue turned out to be terrible. They stuck us in a room that smelled like cat urine, the only drinks available were from a vending machine, and the venue was next to an airport, so every time a plane took off, the ceremony had to be paused. To top it off, we all got food poisoning."

    A person grimaces and holds their stomach tight while at a party

    7. "My friend's mom asked me to manage the music at her wedding and gave me verbal instructions for when to play each song. I tried to warn her that I didn't follow, but she wouldn't listen. I ended up flipping through a bunch of incorrect songs while she walked down the aisle."

    A person putting a CD into a player

    8. "My cousin went to a wedding where the bride and groom were scammed by the wedding organizer. Just one hour before the wedding event, they realized there was no food or decorations. The wedding planner took the money and bought themselves a big ol' house."

    A room with empty tables

    9. "At a wedding I worked at, the photographer took jumping photos of the bride and bridesmaids. The bride dislocated her knee, but decided to continue with the wedding after the ambulance came. During the meal, she threw up down her dress and sat with her mum for the rest of the event."

    A wedding party jumping for a photo

    10. "The bride and groom got so drunk the night before the wedding that they could barely stand during the ceremony. The officiant said they couldn't legally marry the couple because they were too drunk to consent to marriage."

    A drunk bride and groom sit on the floor in a corner

    11. "At a wedding event, the bride went swimming in the ocean and got ‘lost at sea’ for nine hours. She eventually found her way back, but while she was gone, her husband found her phone and saw she was having an affair with the best man."

    A person struggling to stay afloat in the ocean

    12. "We had to cancel our church ceremony because Hurricane Ivan hit. Our neighbor was a pastor, so we asked him if he would marry us. Instead of the big church wedding we planned, I got married in the front yard."

    A newlywedded couple sitting in the yard

    13. "I went to a reception where the groom planned to sing and have fireworks launch on the last note. Well, that last note came, but the fireworks didn't. He threw the mic down and left to fight the fireworks guy. No fists were thrown, but somebody ended up in the lake."

    A groom singing at his wedding

    14. "At the altar, the best man announced that the groom was gay and that the wedding was cancelled. All the guests waited while the couple sorted their lives out. In the end they split the reception, and each family had their own dinners."

    A wedding cake destroyed on the floor with the bride and groom action figures on the floor

    15. "I was photographing a ceremony where the bride tumbled down a bunch of concrete steps while walking to the altar. She busted out the majority of her front teeth in the fall."

    A bride is about to fall down a bunch of stairs

    16. "The father of the bride was dancing with her in a very seductive and gross way, so the groom walked up to them and punched the father square in the face."

    A father and daughter dancing closely

    17. "I was a groomsman at a massive wedding. The bride put a lot of pressure on everyone to have the perfect wedding, so the groom was extremely nervous. He drank an entire bottle of whiskey before the ceremony and puked all over the bride's dress midway through her vows."

    A shot glass that says "groom" on it

    18. "In his speech, the father of the bride told his daughter what sexual acts she needed to do for her husband depending on what simple chores he does around the house. Like if he washes the dishes, give him a blowjob. It went on for an uncomfortably long time."

    A bride covers her face in embarrassment while her father gives a speech

    19. "I was a groomsman at a wedding where the maid of honor was so drunk, she knocked a candle over, setting the bride's dress on fire. Luckily it was small, and no one was hurt."

    A bride's wedding dress is on fire

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and clarity.