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    28 People Told Us The Tiny Details That Made Their Wedding Day Even More Special

    "My husband and I kept a picture of our cats on us throughout the day."

    We asked our BuzzFeed Community to tell us what one detail made their wedding day the best day ever, and here are their responses:


    "My husband is a chemistry teacher. So for our 'unity ceremony', we combined two separate chemicals in a heart-shaped jar that caused a reaction and it started to glow. No one knew about it except for our wedding coordinator and photographers. Our moms were the ones to bring the two chemicals to us and they didn’t even know about it. The shock expressed by 'ooohs' and 'ahhh'” from our guests made it the most memorable experience ever for us!"




    "I was very close to my grandparents but they passed away a few years before I got married. My 'something old' was my granny’s wedding ring sewn into the lining of my dress. My husband put a photograph of my grandparents in his sporran so that I’d feel like they were there with us. He didn’t tell me he was doing this and it was so sweet and thoughtful."



    "By the end of the night, when everyone was tipsy and tired from dancing, we had tiny grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs brought out!"




    "My husband and I kept a picture of our cats on us throughout the day. It was nice walking down the aisle, knowing that they were with us!"



    "We took some pictures before the ceremony. It provided a level of intimacy of seeing each other for the first time with just our closest six friends, rather than in front of all of our guests."



    "My grandma makes lace and when my parents got married, she made lace letters of my parents initials with flowers and bees to go onto my mum’s veil. When I got married, my grandma took some of those elements and created a little rose from my mum’s veil as my something borrowed. It was gorgeous sitting amongst my bouquet and really made a unique day even more meaningful."




    "Our first look was, by far, the best decision we made for our wedding. We both get a lot of anxiety about being the centre of attention but having this time alone gave us time to relax before the ceremony, and to remember that it’s OUR day. It made all of my anxiety disappear – I wouldn’t have made it through the day without it!"



    "Involving people I loved: my uncle performed the ceremony (he died unexpectedly six months later so I treasure this even more), my cousin did photography, my grandma made my dress, and my friends played the music."




    "We had a dessert table instead of a cake – everyone said it was absolutely delicious!"



    "Before the ceremony, our vicar led my husband to a room where I was with his eyes tightly shut so we could pray together without spoiling the first look at the dress!"




    "My husband's uncle dressed up as a unicorn and wandered into our outdoor ceremony during the lull where we were signing the marriage license."



    "We made the table placements a game where instead of just listing guest names we listed inside jokes and clues about how we knew them so that they had to solve where they were sitting. It created a lot of laughs!"



    "Our wedding was in November and very foggy. All the guests had gone home by 10.30pm (we didn't mind – safety first!) so we asked the DJ to play our first dance song again. We danced alone in the huge hall with the lights twinkling and just lived in the moment. It was so magical. It also meant that we had a nice amount of time together in the evening to open cards and discuss the day."




    "Our sweet dog had passed away in an accident before our wedding and my Man of Honour had secretly arranged with our florist for a tiny charm with her picture to be in my bridal bouquet. I still was able to get married with my best little buddy right there with me."



    "Against the advice of many superstitious people, my husband and I stayed in the same hotel room the night before. It was so lovely waking up next to him, and took away the nerves so we could really focus on making our day special."



    "I was nervous about the walk down the aisle but I didn’t want to take the job away from my dad, so my mom came up with a great plan. My bouquet flowers were given to special people throughout the audience who then sat at the end of the aisles. When it came time to walk down with my dad all I had to do was focus on getting from one flower to the next. As I received each flower I got time to get a hug. It was so nice to have more family and friends involved in the ceremony."




    "I wrote personalised notes to every single guest who attended our wedding, thanking them for sharing in our day. I also tried to connect them to the other table members by mentioning what they had in common. It was a lot of work but I’m really glad I did it, all of the people who came remembered that one detail, even years later."



    "A very dear friend of mine died very early in life and I wanted to be sure he was a part of my wedding in a small way. He was my prom date in high school and I had saved my prom shoes so I wore them to my wedding – my friend was a part of my big day which means the world to me."




    "We had a destination wedding. I bought a bunch of postcards and left them on the tables, so instead of a guestbook we came home to all these sweet well wishes postmarked from our amazing weekend. I've kept them all in a book with photos from the wedding."



    "Along with our cake, we served my late grandma's apple crisp recipe so she would be there in spirit. I couldn't imagine not having her at my wedding in some way. It was a hit and everyone at our wedding still raves about it."


    Some submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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