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If Wedding Magazines Were More Realistic

Is that bride supposed to be dead?

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Let's talk about wedding magazines.

Recently I was sitting at a bar talking to my married friend about how my wedding planning was going.

"Did you go out and buy all the wedding magazines?" she asked.

I hadn't. I had no plans to. Was this a mistake? Did I need wedding magazines to plan a wedding?

"No," she said, "but this is the only time in your life you have an excuse to buy them."

She had a point. But magazines, especially the ones aimed at women, had only ever made me feel bad about myself. So I expected that a WEDDING magazine would only increase my wedding anxiety by bombarding me with impossible images of things I could never afford or be. No thank you, I thought.

But then, as if by fate, a wedding magazine just showed up in my mailbox. And I decided to give it a look.


Conclusion: I guess wedding magazines aren't so bad as long as you don't mind nightmares.