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25 Problems Only Bridesmaids Will Understand

So much drama and it isn't even your wedding.

1. Dealing with the bridesmaid hierarchy.

2. All of your free time will be dedicated to wedding activities.

3. …and all of your disposable income too.

4. In fact, you might as well get a job here, just for the discount.

5. The bridesmaid dress will not be flattering for your body type.

6. And it isn't cheap.

7. But don't worry, you'll totally wear it again.

8. Helping plan the 8,000 events.

9. Joint Pinterest boards and mailing lists.

10. Bridal showers that don't have alcohol.

11. Squealing over the bride's presents.

12. Making small talk with relatives of the bride and groom.

13. Wearing/using a penis accessory in public.

14. Strippers

15. Even the best brides go crazy sometimes.

16. Not rolling your eyes when the bride tells you she wants to flash mob down the aisle.

17. Your face hurting from all the smiling.

18. And seeing spots from all the flash photography.

19. Writing a meaningful speech.

20. Helping the bride go to the bathroom.

21. Keeping the bride's feuding family members from ruining the wedding.

22. Drunk groomsmen.

23. Drunk bridesmaids.

24. Uncomfortable shoes.

25. Crying off your makeup because you're so happy for the newlyweds.