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25 Problems Only Bridesmaids Will Understand

So much drama and it isn't even your wedding.

1. Dealing with the bridesmaid hierarchy.

Universal Pictures / Via

Each 'maid is fighting like hell to prove she's the bride's best friend.

2. All of your free time will be dedicated to wedding activities.

Sweet Chic Events / Via

3. …and all of your disposable income too.

Memorable Gifts / Via

You're OK with eating Top Ramen for the next year, right?

4. In fact, you might as well get a job here, just for the discount.

Somerset Collection / Via

Engagement gifts...shower gifts...yep, you're gonna need that discount.

5. The bridesmaid dress will not be flattering for your body type.

6. And it isn't cheap. / Via

On second thought, maybe you should get a job at a dress shop.

7. But don't worry, you'll totally wear it again.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via a Halloween costume.

8. Helping plan the 8,000 events.

NBC / Via

Engagement parties! Bridal showers! Bachelorette! Gah!

9. Joint Pinterest boards and mailing lists. / Via

Every detail has to be perfect, and every bridesmaid has a different idea of what "perfect" is.

10. Bridal showers that don't have alcohol.

Bravo / Via

11. Squealing over the bride's presents.

Comedy Central / Via

Cutlery! A toaster! SQUEEEEEE eh.

12. Making small talk with relatives of the bride and groom.

Bravo / Via

This is why you need alcohol.

13. Wearing/using a penis accessory in public.

Flickr: morganrochele

It ain't dignified.

14. Strippers

NBC / Via

They're never as advertised.

15. Even the best brides go crazy sometimes.

At some point you'll seriously wonder how you're friends with this person.

16. Not rolling your eyes when the bride tells you she wants to flash mob down the aisle.

Fox / Via

"Great idea! No one has ever done that before!"

17. Your face hurting from all the smiling.

The CW / Via

Say cheese! Again! And again! AND AGAIN!

18. And seeing spots from all the flash photography.

Your vision might be permanently destroyed.

19. Writing a meaningful speech.

Flickr: gearys

If you don't make everyone cry, you've failed.

20. Helping the bride go to the bathroom.

Universal Pictures / Via

The groom isn't the only one who gets intimate with the bride on the big day.

21. Keeping the bride's feuding family members from ruining the wedding.

22. Drunk groomsmen.

Group photos with guys who can't stand up are always a blast.

23. Drunk bridesmaids.


Great. Someone else to help in the bathroom.

24. Uncomfortable shoes.

Flickr: nejireta

But at least they're all perfectly dyed to match!

25. Crying off your makeup because you're so happy for the newlyweds.

Warner Bros. / Via

You were just an integral part of one of the most important days in a person's life. How could you not be happy?