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It's Britney Bitch

It's Britney Bitch

How Well Do You Know These Britney Spears Songs?

A journey through the pop singer's singles.

19 Perfect Gifts That Every Britney Spears Fan Will Love

They're ALL so good, so good, so damn, so good!

Are You More Britney Spears Or Christina Aguilera?

The age-old question (well, at least since 1999).

Britney Spears' Music Video Orgies Ranked From Best To Iconic

1-2-3, who doesn't love a good Britney video orgy?

We Know If You’re More Paris, Britney, Or Lindsay

Celebrate the most important cultural moment of 2006.

I Hated Britney Spears Until I Saw Myself In Her

When I was just beginning to understand my sexuality, hating Britney set me apart from the other (straight) boys. But it turns out she had something to teach me about survival.

Britney Spears' New "Slumber Party" Music Video Is So Unbelievably Stunning

Frame these photos and hang them on your wall forever.

Can You Guess The Britney Spears Video From A Single Blurred Image?

♫ Everything, everything is still a blur ♫

Dear Parents, Stop Calling Britney Spears Too Sexy

*Jennifer Lopez voice* "ENOUGH!"

Britney Is The Latest "Carpool Karaoke" Guest And It's Everything

We learned that Britney wants three more kids and no more men.

Dear Justin Timberlake, Just Fucking Stop

*Jennifer Lopez voice* "ENOUGH!!"

Britney Spears Pranked Jimmy Kimmel And It Is Goals AF

Prank? More like DREAM COME TRUE.

What The World Doesn't Understand About Britney Spears

For everyone who "doesn't get it."

Britney Spears Delivered The Most Amazing #TBT Photo

Y'all, this photo is truly incredible.

Britney Spears Has Transformed Into Another Human Being In The Past 2 Years

This is not a dang drill: There is actually a fire and it's on the stage at the Axis theater in Planet Hollywood!!! SOS!! Send water!!

15 Times You’ll Be Reborn During Britney's Revamped "Piece Of Me” Show

I went to Britney Spears' remixed "Piece Of Me" show in Las Vegas. It was life-ending.

Britney Spears 9 Years Ago Vs. Today

Queen of comebacks and defying your expectations.

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