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Here's Proof That Justin Timberlake May Still Be In Love With Britney


As we reported earlier, Justin Timberlake has a shady, questionable history with Britney Spears.

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As the original fuckboy he truly is, Justin has been using Britney's name for press for 14 years...but now I think we've finally discovered exactly WHY.

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It's because he still MIGHT be in love with her.

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Gross, I know. But here's the proof.

Background: Justin's nickname for Britney was "Pinky." Her nickname for him was "Stinky."

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So, in May 2016, Justin was doing promo for that Trolls movie. Everything was great, dandy, fine.

Then the interviewer randomly used the word "pinky," aka his nickname for Britney.

Upon hearing the word "pinky," his smile turns to a frown.

His face literally drops.

He is essentially triggered.

As you can tell, he is *clearly* flashing back to better times. The Britney times.

Watch for yourself. It starts at 2:10.

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Hopefully someday this mystery will be solved.

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RIP Robert Stack.

H/t: Exhale.