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Britney Spears Pranked Jimmy Kimmel And It Is Goals AF

Prank? More like DREAM COME TRUE.

Jimmy Kimmel loves pranks. Like, remember that time Rihanna broke into his house late at night to sing to him? Well Britney just one-upped that, bringing a team of shirtless dancers too.

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August Fools', I guess.

Basically, Brit decided it would be funny to bust in on Jimmy while he was asleep and do a quick "Make Me" performance.

Complete with a bunch of hot, shirtless backup dancers.

Needless to say, Jimmy was STOKED.

I mean who DOESN'T want a guy doing the splits being lifted toward you like a beautiful angel.

I've had a LOT of dreams exactly like this. And yes, Britney is always there too.

Imagine if this were your alarm clock, and Britney just bursted into your room every morning to whip you in the face with her hair?


Plus, it looks like I've found my next Halloween outfit.