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It's Time To Recognize That Britney Spears Is The Queen Of Underestimation

A story.

They discounted her in 1999.

She sold 10.6 million albums.


They tried to get rid of her in 2000.


She broke records.

She was labeled "the betrayer" in 2002.

Us Weekly /

Her response was one of the best ballads of the '00s, "Everytime."


She was "out of control" in 2004.

Us Weekly

Then "Toxic" happened.

Jive Records

She was supposed to fade into obscurity after she married K-Fed.

Us Weekly

That wasn't her prerogative.


Then 2007 happened...and, yeah, it was really fucked up.

Us Weekly

But, like always, she came back.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

No. 1...

... after No. 1...

...hit after hit.

Britney has always been the underdog.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

And yet through it all...

RCA Records

And, seriously, THROUGH IT ALL:

RCA Records

Britney has always come out, in one way or another, ON TOP.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

And that's EXACTLY what Britney has done with her latest album, Glory. She has come back for the 439th time.

From Rolling Stone... the L.A. Times...

...and Vanity Fair.

Everyone agrees Glory is magnificent. Britney is back.

Buuuut you know what? None of this even matters.


Britney can keep on posting pictures of her kids...

...motherfucking teacups...

...and screenshots of corn she finds on Google.

She has nothing to prove anymore.

So whether or not this album sells a million or 200 copies, who cares?


Britney Spears is making Britney Spears music again.

She's genuinely happy and there's NOTHING more thrilling than seeing that.