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Britney Spears Has Turned Into Your Mother On Instagram

Mom-ney Jean.

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In between posting videos of her murdering the careers of your faves on her Instagram account...

...Queen Britney is staying busy channeling your technology-challenged mother by posting ~inspiring~ pixelated Microsoft Paint images and memes.


1. Like when she wanted to give you a lesson on friendships but in a ~relatable~ way.

2. Or when she discovered Someecards.

3. When she posted an old viral photo from the depths of the internet.

4. When she gave into the Minions obsession like every parent ever...

6. When she Instagramed something with no purpose or context that it almost felt like it was an accident.

7. When she posted a food-related comic.

Mom humor tbh.

8. When she uploaded a "NAILED IT" meme of someone she absolutely doesn't know.

9. When she related herself to a dog.

10. When she gave you a mother's blessing of "faeries."

Advised edit: "A sheltering angel so Xtina can't harm you."

11. When she uploaded a picture another mom must've pinned on Pinterest...

12. ...Then quoted the prince of all moms — Prince.

13. When she taught a lesson with the help of an animal.

14. When she decided take a break from posting memes but forgot how to work the flash.

15. And finally, when she rocked being mom AF.

And it's never looked better.

Keep being the popstar and mom we love, Brit!

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