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Uh, Clementine From "Westworld" Was The Other Girl In Britney's "Stronger" Music Video

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By now, you're most likely addicted to HBO's newest mind-bending show Westworld.


Well, without any spoilers, there's a ~character~ named Clementine Pennyfeather played by actor Angela Sarafyan...


Now, if you're trying to place why she looks familiar, it might be because our girl Clementine (briefly) appeared in Britney Spears' iconic "Stronger" music video!

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(You can catch her at :08-:10)

Yup — Clementine played "the other woman" who sends Britney off into a chair-kicking performance of a lifetime back in 2000.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how Clementine's music video gig fits in with the Westworld timeline...


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