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25 Of Britney Spears' Most Iconic Instagram Posts Of 2016

A true legend.

1. When she posted a photo of this adorable yet random baby with the caption, "Oh what a day!"

2. Or this ~also random~ pic of a giant pizza writing, "That's what I'm talking about."

3. When she wrote "yummmmmmmy" to describe this epic photo of strawberry ice cream scoops.

4. Or this chill AF sleeping baby with the caption, "In your wildest dreams."

5. When she posted this photo of a random lady standing next to a Hello Kitty snowman with the caption, "Wow."

6. Or this relatable and hilarious meme that is so damn true.

7. How about this whimsical yet somewhat depressing but also beautiful illustration with the caption, "Don't you just love Barbie?"

8. When she posted this piece of art of a girl scolding a frog.

9. Or this one to describe her weekend — "Great Sunday."

10. When she uploaded this ~back to basics~ photo of corn, writing, "It's honestly too good to be true mmmm 😋."

11. Or this creepy as hell photo on Halloween with no caption at all.

12. When Britney uploaded this questionable pic with the caption "Good morning."

13. Or writing "Meeeoooooow!!!" under an illustration of this tiara-wearing-cat.

14. When Britney dug deep and reminded us all to keep in touch by writing, "Stay connected."

15. Or this interesting somewhat cryptic drawing of a tired looking girl with the words, "I think she's over it lol."

16. This comfortable looking design photo with the caption, "Cozy cozy cozy."

17. And this beyond amazing meme that we can ALL relate to. "This is so me lol." —Britney

18. This photo of her yard plants.

19. "Found this at the mall 💖 so pretty!" —Britney

20. "What lies beneath." —Britney

21. This.

22. Or this.

23. How about this detailed drawing with the caption, "If I was a mouse, this is where I'd wanna live 🐭." Amazing.

24. This vintage photograph with Britney's review — "Brilliant."

25. And finally, that time she reposted Snooki's photo of her holding this handmade mug.

Peace out, y'all.

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